Vladimir Dokov, CEO of EGT: We play fair and win fair

Jan 26, 2022

Euro Games Technology (EGT) will soon celebrate its 20th birthday. What is the more accurate description: you run a settled and established company with experience, or a young company with potential? We are definitely a company with huge potential. It is easy to say that we are now a lot more calmer regarding our internal processes than when EGT was a new business. But it is important to note that this doesn’t provoke even the slightest feeling of slowness or lack of flexibility.

Despite the COVID situation and the different measures that affected the industry worldwide, you remained stable. Is there a possibility for a better results in the current business environment?

There is always opportunity for better results and we know that they will be based on the hard work we have done and we will do. Right now, we cover 100 markets with our products and services and our portfolio has expanded with many online innovations that have gained popularity during the pandemic. In fact, the advantages that we have, contributed a lot to the stability of the company in difficult times.

The growth from a local producer to one of the largest players in the international market in two decades is impressive. Can you name one specific factor that has always contributed to the progress of EGT and is still present in the company to this day?

Yes, it is the combination of great perseverance and enthusiasm and strong faith in the capabilities of each member of our team. This is something that is characteristic of the company and especially of the way EGT grows over time.

Almost all foreign offices of EGT are headed by managers from Bulgaria, what is the reason behind this choice of the company?

The natural bridge between the headquarters and each local office is very important to us. The key reason for this trend is the successful growth of adaptive and smart people inside our company. These are people who can easily take these managerial positions abroad along with the challenges that accompany them.

2500 people work in EGT and the variety of the positions is extremely wide, including technicians, developers, designers, managers and even musicians. What makes the company attractive to so many professionals from diverse fields?

Professional growth is a key factor in EGT, to start from the lowest position and reach the managerial structures of the company is no exception. In my opinion, our overall commitment to personal development and the opportunities for such is the main factor to attract people to the company.

On the exact day when the first COVID measures were introduced in Bulgaria, EGT Steel Production – a subsidiary company, started operating. With EGT SP launch, EGT’s production cycle became almost completely independent. What role does this autonomy play for the company?

Being independent and self-sufficient is our essence, it allows us to flexibly and precisely adjust the production capacity. A company like SP, integrated in our group, can meet common needs much easer. Furthermore, a stable approach to our own operations makes us a desirable business partner.

Is it correct to define the casino industry on a global scale as a dynamic and unpredictable business environment and what are the challenges in it?

Unpredictable - no, this industry is complying with enough regulations worldwide to avoid sharp turns. But it is very dynamic. Innovations are constantly sought after and fortunately, in our case, constantly offered, while the competition is huge. There are more and more regulations introduced for the online products and services, but we do not see this as a challenge, but as a privilege that gives us many potential opportunities for development.

Do you think that EGT can change the global market for casino equipment and software, as well as the perception for the gambling houses and what happens in them?

We can certainly try to. Euro Games Technology strives to make gambling houses to be perceived more and more as entertainment centers. There are serious efforts in this direction and I am referring for the whole industry here.

What is the mission of EGT?

To play and win fair, to take care of our team and always discover new horizons. Interview by Vencislav Savov, Manager Magazine, Issue 12, December 2021 – January 2022 Link to the interview in

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