Multiplayer Solutions

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EGT Multiplayer Ltd is the part of EGT’s family that specializes in developing highly-advanced automated and live multiplayer solutions, various models of terminals, a wide variety of multiplayer games, and other gaming software and Jackpot systems.

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Our mission is to create the future in the world of multiplayer gaming, and it all starts with the terminals. They are compatible with a rich library of gaming titles. Have an attractive and modular design, with high-quality touch screen displays and crystal clear sound. All of this is powered by the high-performing gaming platforms of EGT.


Our Standalone Automatic Roulette Centers offer an immersive experience and modern design. With the ability to be connected to all EGT play stations, the Roulette Centers give you more opportunities to enhance player satisfaction.

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We offer the classic game of roulette with both a six and an eight combined stations option with 27” HD displays, which allows you to customize the experience even further according to your gaming setup.

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It’s all about multitasking. With the multigame mixes, you can have access to roulette, baccarat, and our top slot titles all at your fingertips. Combine them the best way you see fit.


Add an extra layer of excitement to the gaming experience with our jackpot solutions. Give your players the opportunity to win different mystery jackpot levels or enter a special bonus game.

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Our wide variety of modular solutions is designed to give maximum comfort for the players and to ensure more hours of play. Every product series has its unique design accessories.

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