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Founded in 2002 in Sofia, Euro Games Technology quickly, in the matter of several years, managed to grow into the position of an absolute leader in Bulgaria, as well as a key player in the international gaming casino equipment market.

  • More than 90 jurisdictions worldwide
  • 26 offices all over the world
  • More than 2500 active employees


of passion

26 offices around the world – one company culture. Every member of our team does not only participate in the process of product creation but also has the opportunity to see the final outcome of their work.

in all aspects

We communicate openly and honestly. There are no barriers of communication. We’ve created an environment that embraces each individual’s different perspective and celebrates diversity.

Support and improvement

Our culture unites everyone from everywhere. Regardless of their position, our employees feel valued in all aspects of their lives, including their professional and personal goals.

Collaborative team of independent owners

We encourage both autonomy and collaboration. We take ownership of our tasks and bring our visions to life.


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Euro Games Technology (EGT) is a great illustration of how anything is possible, when the right goals are set and innovation goes together with strategic management and a winner’s mindset.
One of our guiding philosophies is to invest in innovation and in the potential of our employees. It is precisely our ambition to become even more autonomous and self-supplying in the production process – another aspect of our business that we will develop in the years to come.


Our goal is to maintain our steady growth as we continue to develop new, attractive and innovative products. In order to achieve that and to develop further at the same pace, we will continue to always look a step forward into the future as we have endeavored to do for all those 20 years.


At this point, the company has more than 2500 active employees and foresees the further growth of that number.The process includes everything – from slot machines, accessories and game mixes to casino management systems. EGT not only supplies its customers with products – the company offers them highly-valued technical support as well.


With 20 years of history, EGT keeps expanding its product and service portfolio, developing a distribution network over 5 continents, while relying on technological advance and business stability. Euro Games Technology is a private structure, which, without any bank financial support, proudly maintains a 360-degree closed production cycle.


Euro Games Technology is organized into nine departments involved in developing, producing, and distributing our hardware and software solutions.

Research and Development

Finance and Corporate Solutions

Sales, Marketing and International offices

Production, Supplies and Logistics


Human Resources

Technical Support


Casino Management Systems

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