Uruguay is the new destination for the P-24/24 Up cabinet of EGT

June 10, 2016

Euro Games Technology stepped in the picturesque and verdant Uruguay with a series of installations on the southern coastline of the country. Since January, 2016 the casinos of the biggest local operator Casinos del Estado, managing 32 gaming establishments, welcomed the first 50 P-24/24 Up cabinets of Premier series, delivered in execution of a tender, won by EGT. For the second stage of it the Bulgarian manufacturer will supply another 36 machines within two weeks. The cabinets are equipped with the Multi-4 and Multi-5 multigame mixes, each consisting of 45 titles of 3 to 5 spinning reels and 5 ÷ 100 paylines. The available wide choice of games has immediately encaptivated the players: “It is so comfortable to try many different titles on one cabinet, without having to change the machines”, shared one of them. “I love the Keno game,” commented another in Punta del Este casino. “Now I can enjoy it on a slot cabinet and the experience is identical to being in a bingo hall!”

The model P-24/24 Up is the most popular machine of EGT, having fans all over the world. Its first appearance in Uruguay has been in Radisson Casino in Montevideo and Hípica Rioplatense and has been followed shortly by highly positive user reviews. With the recent installations the cabinet is now available in all major gaming establishments in the country with Keno being the most preferred title of Premier Multi-4 and Multi-5 mixes. “Keno of EGT is a hit among the local players, generates higher results for the casinos and attracts more visitors to their halls,” shared Daniel Magariños, general manager of Pallana Gaming, Euro Games Technology’s partner for Uruguay. “The reason for its success stems from EGT’s design concept, as well as from the convenience of having this particular game accessible on a standard slot cabinet. I’m confident that soon there will be much more titles of the company to gain the same popularity in the country.“

Key reasons of Casinos del Estado for choosing the bid of EGT for the installation of 50 machines have been the short delivery time, the practicality of P-24/24 Up, its game catalogue and high serviceability. All important components of the cabinet are easy accessible and this feature facilitates the technical team of the operator. “We are proud that the most famous product of EGT enters the Uruguayan market precisely with the major local casino operator Casinos del Estado. It is a tough market, but we have so far managed to achieve very good results. This slot model is among the most efficient cabinets and will certainly capacitate our expansion in the country,“ added Mr. Magariños.

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