The foundation of an office in Peru is part of EGT’s expansion plan

June 22, 2016

Interview of Mario Trayanski, director EGT Peru, for Yogonet

How was the first experience of EGT in PGS? Did it meet your expectations?

I was absolutely thrilled at the Peruvian Gaming Show this year. The interest to our products exceeded our expectations, which weren’t too high, considering the fact that we haven’t been on that market for so many years. The received positive feedback from our visitors, however, revealed that they have already heard of our portfolio or have seen some of our products in other parts of the world and that makes us confident that we have good prospects to gain stable positions also in Peru in foreseeable future.

Why do you think that product as P-42V St Curved cabinet and the mystery and progressive jackpot systems “Fu Gui Rong Hua”, Egypt Quest, Diamond Life, Lady's Cards and Cat 4 Cash can be successful in Peru? Do they have local appeal?

The models that you described are among the very successful products of EGT and have gained high acclaim from the gaming audience worldwide. There is no doubt that our progressive jackpot systems will gather immediately the players, as they are new to the local market and are attractive with their fresh appeal and promise for exciting experience.

EGT has two offices in Latin America: Panama and Argentina. Are you planning to open an office in Peru?

This is an important question to EGT. Yes, we have so far opened two offices in South America and the foundation of another one here, in Peru, is part of our expansion plan that we have put into action since the beginning of the year. It will help us to stay closer to our customers on this well-developed market, to be more adaptive to their local demands, tailoring our products to them and offering our services in the best possible way.

How would you describe the Peruvian market? What is its potential for a company as EGT?

The Peruvian market exceeds 80,000 machines and more than a half of them are due for a replacement. This creates new opportunities for EGT. We have a wide portfolio of many different products and each of them is created, having both casino operators and players in mind. So we are looking forward to proving how valuable we can be to our local customers and to show them all the advantages we bring.

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