More General cabinets hit the production line

Sept 11, 2020

The presented at ICE London slot models G55J1 VIP, G50C Up, G50J2 Up and St from EGT’s General series now changed their status “Coming soon” to “In production” after arousing serious interest in the industry and becoming a subject of many pre-orders. The first deliveries will be for customers from Bulgaria, Croatia, St. Marten and North Cyprus with more to follow for other regions. “Since cabinets’ debut at the show and the received strongly positive initial feedback from our potential customers we decided to accelerate the machines’ time to market,” shared Stanislav Stanev, sales and marketing director of EGT. “Our industry slowly begins to recover and EGT remains true to its core value to give more to both operators and players. So it is the right moment to launch our most advanced General series new models. I am confident that they will be able to unfold their potential and to play an important role for the sector’s stability and long-term growth.” A highlight of the new cabinets is the so far unseen diversity of curved monitors, presented in a single slot line. They are shaped like the letters “C” and straight and inverted „J“ (marked in the machines’ names like C, J1 and J2) and are a milestone in EGT’s product development. Being 50 and 55-inch in size, they are vast, frameless, with exceptional HD visual quality and guarantee a felt-like-real gaming experience with their integrated touch screens. Design, combining top ergonomics with modern aesthetics, efficient Exciter III platform, convenient keyboard with dynamic touch display, crystal clear stereo sound and built-in USB port for fast charging are also some of the features that won the slot models highly positive remarks. Being on top of the range, G 55J1 VIP also includes a multimedia chair with stereo speakers and control buttons for the sound volume and the main functions of the game. It grants unmatched comfort to the players and makes them feel like most valuable for the operator. The user-friendly navigation and the easy and fast change of the game, the bet or the language also turn the cabinet into a highly desired choice in the industry. The gaming outfit of the new General models includes only HD graphics. The Power series multigames – Green, Fruits and Purple Power HD, have minimum 55 titles each and are a powerful combination of some of the best EGT slot and EGT Multiplayer (roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and Keno) games. The General mixes – Green, Fruits and Red General HD, are created to grant high satisfaction to the players who will now easily find their preferred theme and features within the enormous number of included titles. Some of them are top choices across EGT’s portfolio, others are brand new and there is an option for the operator to highlight those who already are or have higher chances to become favorites via larger buttons on the select game screen. Several single games are also available with the new EGT cabinets and team up with them for maximum impacting, comfortable and exciting experience. Princess Cash reveals the spirit of Asia and Dragons’ Realm brings the players to a fairytale land. They are part of the High Cash series and satiate the taste for good fortune, leading to a jackpot of 4 levels – Mini, Minor and the lucrative Major and Grand, which both are progressive and shared between all the stories in the sequel. The Fiery Horn single game with its African savanna spirit and the Amazons' Battle Grand where the daughters of Ares and Harmonia lead to a quest for the riches of the ancient Greek lands are members of the 2 Happy Hits series of EGT. They nail down the golden chances with Grand and Major standalone mystery jackpots, which can be won with any bet at any time. The G55J1 VIP, G50C Up, G50J2 Up and St cabinets and their game palette are some of the most advanced product proposals of EGT. They are created to be a choice for all who have a vision for successful and most rewarding gaming.

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