Biserka Draganova, sales manager for the Balkans and Egypt at EGT: “With a market share of 45% EGT is a leader in Northern Cyprus”

Aug 15, 2022

Interview with Biserka Draganova, sales manager for the Balkans and Egypt at EGT

What is EGT's position on the Northern Cyprus market? What is the company’s market share?

Since EGT made its first installation in Northern Cyprus in 2009, our company has been one of the top suppliers for the country. Currently, we hold a market share of 45%. There are more than 20 casinos on the island, all of which are spacious, with a modern outlook and equipped with the latest gaming solutions.

EGT products are very popular among local players, and I can even say that very often Northern Cyprus is where our new developments make their debut, or at least it is among the first countries where it happens.

That was the case with our Bell Link jackpot. It provides players with a lot of bonuses and entertainment with its 4 jackpot levels, the first and second being fixed for the particular machine and the third and fourth levels being progressive.

The first installation was made at the end of May 2022. By the end of July 2022, the jackpot is already available in almost all the casinos on the island and is among the players’ favorites.

EGT’s multiplayer solutions also recently had their local premiere. S-line terminals connected to a live and automatic wheel can be found in Pasha Casino Nicosia, which is also the gaming establishment that first installed EGT slot products 13 years ago.

What is the situation in the local casinos at the moment? Are there any restrictions? Has the pandemic affected the orders of EGT machines?

During the pandemic there were severe restrictions, even the casinos were entirely closed for a few months, and investments were temporarily stopped. The operators have taken advantage of the moment very well: they have renovated their gaming halls and subsequently have renewed the slot mix.

Now when the establishments are open again, they gain speed very quickly. Eloquent testimony of this fact is that for the first half of 2022, EGT has witnessed record sales of slot machines, which definitely exceeded my expectations.

What are EGT’s most successful products and why? Which are the characteristics that attract players and casino operators the most? How do they perform compared to the products of the competing manufacturers and suppliers?

I think that what both players and operators appreciate the most in EGT machines is the perfect combination of contemporary and eye-catching design and ultimate comfort, which is inherent to all our machines from Vega Vision, Premier and of course, the newest General Series.

The General slot models are shaping up to be not only some of the most popular machines of EGT’s portfolio but also some of the most preferred ones on the island right now. All casinos in North Cyprus are provided with models from the series.

Of the games, the fruit-themed ones stand out as favorites to the domestic gaming audience, and Fruits Collection 2 and Fruits General are the mixes with the best reviews. Of course, we should not forget to mention that the Premium Link jackpot has a mandatory presence in every casino.

I dare say that EGT is currently a leader in Northern Cyprus with its market share of 45% and this gives us an incentive to continue to introduce our new developments which we believe will receive the same good feedback as our previous propositions of ours.

What do you think will be the next bestseller of EGT in North Cyprus?

Undoubtedly, the next EGT bestseller will be the jackpot Bell Link captivating players with its beautiful graphics and many additional bonuses. Among the cabinets, I would distinguish our VIP models as the most preferred ones as they create the feeling of luxury and contribute to an unforgettable gaming experience.

How do you think the North Cyprus market will develop in the future?

The successes we have achieved since the beginning of the year make me believe that the perspectives for the development of the market in North Cyprus are very good.

I’m glad to say that for the first 7 months of 2022 more than 630 EGT slot and around 100 multiplayer products were installed in the casinos of Merit, Pia Bella, Chamada, Grand Pasha, Concord, Acapulco, and Salamis and the results till the moment are really impressive.

Our installations are continuing full steam ahead. One large-scale installation of over 200 of our cabinets in Arkin Venture Iskele's latest project has just been made, and Rock's Casino, Dome Casino, and Kaya Palazzo are waiting for deliveries of our equipment next month.

Many new projects for large hotels with casinos are coming up, and I have every reason to believe that Euro Games Technology's gaming products will find their place in them.

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