We endeavor to rank in top three gaming suppliers in Peru

June 19, 2019

Interview with Mario Trayanski, director of EGT Peru, for Yogonet

- How big an opportunity is Peru's gaming market for EGT?

Peru is one of the world's fastest-growing economies which performance has been tied to exports and that provides hard currency – a major advantage for the international entrepreneurs. The country is among the most stable in the region and nevertheless the newly imposed taxation in our industry that slowed it down a bit, I am positive that the downturn is temporary and a new leap in casino equipment sales will follow.

The well-developed Peruvian gaming market though is a challenge for both large-scale manufacturers, like EGT, and smaller companies. We have gained strategic positions on it thanks to our high performing and ever developing products and I am confident that our close liaisons with the local business representatives will keep on being fruitful, ensuring our steady further growth in the country.

- You installed over 1,500 gaming machines in Peru in the last two years. Which models and games of EGT are widely preferred in the country?

Our most popular slot models in Peru are the P-27/27 St and P-24/24 Up, followed by the P-42 Curved St and Up cabinets. The Collection and Premier series multigames, as I mentioned, are also strongly preferred by both operators and players. The new products we displayed at PGS 2019 are also expected to yield new growth opportunities for EGT Peru, so the show will be of great importance to us.

- What areas is EGT focused on improving this year that you may have struggled with previously?

Our current priority is to expand our local team and only for three months the family of EGT Peru has welcomed many new members to number 25 employees in total. We recruit specialists and take care of their regular trainings, so we could keep on improving our services and on being at our customers’ disposal 24/7. Increasing the diversity of our products that we offer locally, assist us in being more and more flexible in finding the best solution for the operators, which has also been a winning strategy.

- What future partnerships and further EGT progress will we see in Peru?

We endeavor to rank in top three gaming suppliers in the country and have always been open to various opportunities for fruitful partnerships. We are adapting our investment plans according to the current economic situation but still we intend to keep our flexibility and general line of work that have been leading us to success.

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