“Ukraine has enormous potential for land-based and online gambling facilities”. Exclusive Interview with Radostina Valcheva, Sales Director of EGT Georgia and Ukraine

May 07, 2021

EGT Georgia and Ukraine’s Director, Radostina Valcheva, speaks with Focus Gaming News about the company’s performance at the Ukrainian Exhibition “Entertainment Industry”.

Exclusive interview.- Radostina Valcheva, Director at EGT Georgia and Ukraine, granted an exclusive interview to Focus Gaming News where she revealed how the company performed at the recent Entertainment Industry expo at Kyiv, early in June.

How did the exhibition go? Was it attended by many visitors?

The exhibition, held in Kyiv on 09-11th June, was the first gaming show after the official reopening of the gambling market in Ukraine since 2009.

We were very pleased to welcome visitors to our booth, showcasing our products, recommending suitable solutions, and having an enjoyable time. These 3 days were productive for the positioning of our company in the Ukrainian market.

“A particular interest was shown towards our latest Jackpot CARDS.”

Radostina Valcheva, Director at EGT Georgia and Ukraine. The exhibition was attended by many visitors, who had keen interest regarding online and land-based gambling. The exhibition brought us many new acquaintances with a newfound potential for future cooperation, as well as strengthen the partnerships with our already existing customers, who are interested in entering the Ukrainian market.

Which EGT products and how many of each type have been presented?

On our booth we showcased EGT’s, as well as EGT Multiplayer’s newest and already well-known products. The latest General series cabinets, like the G-27/32 ST, G 32-32 VIP, and G 50 J1 ST models were the attraction in our booth, together with the Jackpot CARDS.

We also showcased the Premier series cabinets, like the Super Premier 75″, P-27/27 ST, P-42V ST Curved, which have shown continuously successful results in many countries in Europe. We have no doubt that they will reach the same levels in Ukraine. EGT Multiplayer ‘s brand-new, Automated Roulette R6/27, The S-line 32, 32/55 and R-line 32 Roulette Terminals caught the attention of our visitors, with their sleek and ergonomic design.

We had many clients interested in our CMS Spider, which allows flexible floor management for slots and live tables. Many of the operators are just opening their locations and they were delighted to see that we can offer a complete solution for their needs.

How did the visitors of the expo react to our booth? What is their opinion about the products? Are they excited about them and why?

The visitors were thrilled about our cabinets and accessories. All products aroused great interest amongst the visitors. A particular interest was shown towards our latest Jackpot CARDS, uniting all products of EGT and EGT Multiplayer in one Jackpot system on a local level with the possibility to connect them into a global one in different locations.

“We aim to become one of the leaders in the market by providing a wide range of products and excelling in each gaming vertical.”

Radostina Valcheva, Director at EGT Georgia and Ukraine. Most of the clients were excited to see the Multigame “Multiplay1 HD”, which allows simultaneous play on 4 games. We believe this product will be the perfect fit for the needs of the Ukrainian market as it gives the opportunity to the operators to offer roulette, card games and slots at the same time, together with attractive jackpots.

How do the casino operators on the market comment on the expo? Were they interested in choosing EGT products and why?

Based on EGT’s established presence and popularity worldwide, casino operators were very confident and glad to meet us on the Ukrainian market. There is no surprise that EGT is establishing itself as one of the top choices for casino operator’s newly opening gaming establishments.

What are EGT positions in this market? Do we plan new major installations and what are the company’s future plans?

We aim to become one of the leaders in the market by providing a wide range of products and excelling in each gaming vertical. Ukraine has enormous potential for the development and arrangement of land-based and online gambling facilities. We have started our positioning on the market by already installing 300 EGT machines around various existing gaming locations.

We continue to build and reinforce our business relations with our customers and repeatedly offer mutual success. We implement a strong sales strategy and provide high-quality technical support for awaiting installations and existing ones.

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