The Winbet Casino in Minsk celebrates its first birthday with EGT STORKs

July 07, 2016

Euro Games Technology has further strengthened its partnership with the operator Winbet, having made a new installation in its Winbet Casino in Minsk, Belarus, for the first birthday of the gaming establishment, celebrated in June, 2016. Just for one year the casino has become strongly preferred by the players and has been chosen for the best gaming hall in the city by the prestigious local competition Molnia M017. Now the guests could enjoy the recently supplied 5 STORK terminals, connected to a Vega R8 automated roulette, which is already familiar to the visitors of Winbet Casino, and an additional automated Premier roulette center. The installation marks the actual debut of the STORK in Belarus and the product has been perceived as a complete novelty by the players, as it allows them to bet on up to three different roulette wheels from a single gaming station, featuring user-friendly menus and showing the real-time progress of the game at each of the wheels. At that the terminal supports a fully electronic version of the widely loved locally blackjack. Undergoing homologation is the multigame mix Rigel-1 that will offer more 20 different video slot titles, accessible from the STORK.

Mr. Boyko Boev, director of EGT office in Belarus, shared: “We are flattered that our partner Winbet has chosen our machines for the big surprise at the birthday party of its establishment in Minsk. It was an exceptional occasion for the STORK to be first tried out by the local gaming audience. The terminal received highly positive initial feedback and the good reviews have spread out quickly, attracting more and more new visitors to the casino.”

The recent installation is the next logical step after the success of the previously provided by EGT 49 machines of the models P-24/24 Up, Vega Vision+ St, Vega Vision Up, Cat 4 Cash (a jackpot solution) and Vega R8 roulette. Winbet highlighted that the impeccable quality of the gaming equipment and the high level of its design and interface had been at the core of their fruitful relationship with Euro Games Technology. They added: “We knew that the STORK terminals would appeal to our customers, being an innovative solution, so we backed them up by a well-organized advertising campaign. We also expect that the available on the terminal blackjack will win a favorable reception from the local players. This game is traditional for the country and its electronic EGT version is just perfect for the avid fans.”

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