The total number of EGT cabinets in Peru is now over 800

Aug 06, 2018

Interview with Mario Trayanski, director of EGT – Peru, for Yogonet

How does EGT assess the results of the Peruvian market so far this year?

EGT continues to grow its presence in the Peruvian gaming halls and casinos, receiving positive feedback from its clients for the partnership. We do appreciate the role of Peru Gaming Show in our local development in terms of meeting new potential customers and displaying our most advanced product solutions. The gaming market in the country is well developed and highly regulated, which gives us good grounds for our strategies and an impetus to go on further. We are resourceful of how to impress the operators, the players and our colleagues.

In the course of the recent several months we installed over 300 machines at large and small-scale operators, so the total number of EGT cabinets in Peru is now over 800. Most of them are from the proven bestselling models of the company – the P-24/24 Up and the P-27/27 St Slim. In future we will also be relying on the Premier Curved slot cabinets – modern, stylish and high-performing products, as well as on the Collection series multi-games that are rich of gaming diversity and engaging design. Having these high-end EGT developments in mind, I am expecting to go beyond our plan for the second semester with around 15%, which in numbers means more than 600 installed machines.

You said that in the past few months you have made multiple installations in Peru. What about the performance of these machines? What comments has EGT received from the operators up to now?

The feedback that we received from the operators about our installed machines is positive and assuring that the second half of the year will be full of achievements for EGT in Peru, as I already mentioned. The performance of our products is 1,5 to 2 times surpassing the average results in the gaming establishments, which also lead to the substantial increase in our presence and reach in the country.

Could you provide further insight into the T-Line roulette, EGT Multiplayer's STORK terminal and other products that you have revealed at Peru Gaming Show? What opportunities do these products offer for the operators? What technical innovations and benefits do they provide?

The T-Line series roulettes are a technological achievement for their design, intuitive software and easy to use interface. This is why they were widely and positively commented by the local gaming audience during Peru Gaming Show and we negotiated numerous forthcoming installations in key casinos. At this stage we are awaiting the products’ homologation for the country, so the first local deliveries will happen soon after that.

The STORK terminal also debuted at this year’s PGS. It unites some of the best performing games and the electronic roulette, giving access to all of them from a single gaming station. It provokes the interest with the promise of casino space optimization, combined with higher productivity which is something the operators usually aspire to.

You and EGT’s subsidiary company EGT Interactive provide online content as well. Is Peru an interesting market for the company in this respect?

Every well regulated market is of interest for our company. Peru has proven highly effective when it comes to creating an excellent legal framework that guarantees the competitive environment and leads to higher technological and economic accomplishments.

Our online platform is an optimized software solution for all who would wish to enrich their interactive content with more than 180 gaming titles with proven success worldwide. Of course, we are first awaiting the regulation to be put in place, which will probably happen in several months, and then we could proceed with our negotiations in the sector.

Could you mention some industry trends that have an impact on casinos this 2018?

The large gaming diversity changes the focus to the multi-games of 30, or 40 titles and EGT’s Collection series is just what operators and players are looking for. It is gaining momentum locally, having different multi-game mixes, comprising of the most successful EGT titles and driven by the powerful platform Exciter III.

Our jackpot systems, like the Chinese-themed progressives Fu Gui Rong Hua of 4 levels and Cai Shen Kingdom of 5 levels, are also well accepted for their stand-out design, together with the Premier Curved cabinets and the Super Premier slot model, which means that all innovative and well-designed developments are of interest for the local operators as well.

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