The teams of EGT and EGT Digital with excellent performance at the eighth Sofia Ekiden Marathon

Sept 08, 2022

The eighth Sofia Ekiden Marathon organized by "Sports for All" and carried out under the patronage of the Japanese Embassy in Bulgaria was held in the center of the Bulgarian capital. EGT and EGT Digital took part in the race with two teams who have recorded very good times. The first one, which was led by EGT’s CEO Vladimir Dokov, placed 37th out of a total of 73 teams, while the second finished in 45th position. In the free mixed category, EGT's first team also performed very well, ranking 13th out of 28 teams.

Inspired by their strong will, ambition and great desire to win, most of the participants managed to improve their personal times for the distances they ran. After this excellent performance, it was unanimously decided an official marathon team to be raised with which EGT’s family of companies will take part in future athletic events.

Mr. Dokov commented: "I would like to congratulate all the colleagues who decided to take the challenge and join the marathon. They were really very well prepared and thanks to them the teams of EGT and EGT Digital recorded such good achievements. I believe that once we regularly start participating in events like this, we will demonstrate even more impressive results."

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