The market in Peru is among the best regulated in Latin America

July 19, 2017

Interview of Mario Trayanski, Director - EGT Peru, for Soloazar

What products did you showcase at this edition of Peru Gaming Show?

Our product line-up at PGS this year included over 40 machines from 8 different models. We brought the attention to our Premier Curved series with 42-inch displays and bountiful game mixes from Collection series – Green, Orange and Fruits, featuring also the jackpot systems Fu Gui Rong Hua and 4 Happy Hits (both compatible with the curved slot models). The Super Premier slant top machine was introduced for a first time in Latin America and having in mind the interest it gained, I expect it soon to unleash its full sales potential locally.

How do you see the show this year?

Peru Gaming Show had good attendance and many participants had larger booths than last year, stating their intentions to be even more active on the local market. It is a good sign that the show is increasing its reputation, I am very pleased with the event myself. Of course the mentioned progress poses also some traditional questions related to the limited space of the exhibition hall and the growing interest for additional booth areas on the venue, but I am positive that the organizers will be keen on finding a solution.

What are the company's expectations for this PGS edition?

Showcasing so many new product developments, we also announced that all of them are homologated, ready to be installed and enjoyed by the players. Considering the remarkable market results we reached for the last 6 months, I expect the recent models to even double them till the end of the year.

How important is Peru Gaming Show for the company?

We are relatively new in Peru, so each event that brings together the majority of key players in the local gaming industry is important to us. PGS is effective in creating opportunities for business contacts in a span of only 12 hours. Therefore we appreciate the show and will continue our partnership in future.

How do you see the regional market?

The gaming market in Peru is among the largest, most stable and best regulated in Latin America. Thanks to the efforts of Mr. Manuel San Román Benavente and his professional team it has a well-defined and transparent legal framework. This creates comfort for the companies in our industry and a positive business environment.

Technology poses a new type of player, a new generation. How does the company adapt to the new players?

The millennials, or the new generation of players, are entirely oriented to the modern technologies. This is why we founded EGT Interactive – an online gaming supplier, that partners with some of the most renowned operators in the world. This is how our customers may experience the pleasure of our well established land-based games in a new, exciting way. EGT Interactive constantly invests in its advancement and its rich gaming library is entirely tuned to suit the taste of the online-oriented players.

How do you see the evolution of the Peruvian market in terms of new technologies?

When I first visited Peru in 2014 I was impressed to find out that all latest developments in the industry were already embraced by the local operators. The market is forward looking to the new technologies. It is at pace with the fast tempo of development of the regions outside Latin America. Now it encounters the online gaming as a modern alternative and I am confident that the administration will again manage to regulate it in a brilliant way.

Peru is a pioneer in regulation. Do you think that other countries in the region should follow suit?

I see no reason good examples not to be followed.

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