Success at G2E Macau for EGT

June 05, 2012

The interview questions were answered by Pamela Galisim, Regional Sales Manager, EGT Asia.

1. How would you evaluate this year's G2E Asia Show?

Compared to my past attendances of G2E Macau, I would say that this year’s show was even more beneficial for Euro Games Technology. EGT’s team had the opportunity to strategically meet new contacts while reconnecting with old ones and maximize the chance to update the ingoing and pending objectives with them. However, I would say that the number of attendees this year was reduced comparing to last year.

2. How did EGT present itself at the show, was EGT's booth crowded?

I believe that EGT has shown a very stable and perceptible presence at the G2E Asia Show. I am on the opinion that we have established a reputation of a reliable and stable company in the casino industry with our new products and innovations that can keep up with the latest advancement in the gaming technology.

3. Which products were the highlights of EGT's stand?

One of EGT’s highly prized products is the Cat 4 Cash ® Multi-Level Progressive Jackpot System. This is one of our latest products, which has already proven itself as an absolute success for the company. The system features four levels of progressive Jackpot. An eye-catching jackpot panel attracts the players’ attention with a clear presentation of the jackpot levels and an entertaining animation shown on a high quality 40" LCD - TFT display. The stylish cabinets are exclusively designed for the player’s comfort with their 22" and 32" wide-screen LCD-TFT monitors. The players are captured by the attractive multi-games run by the technologically advanced Exciter II® platform. 

Another branded product of EGT showcased at EGT’s booth was the Vega Vision+® Cabinet featuring multi-games from the exciting new P-Series driven by the innovative Exciter II® platform. The high-quality graphics combined with widescreen22” and 26” LCD-TFT monitors makes a perfect combination for an ultimate entertainment and pleasure of the game.

EGT’s clients were also excited about the company’s Multiplayer Solutions, more specifically the Vega R8 Roulette in combination with the new STORK Multiplayer Terminals. The sophisticated Electronic Roulette supplies 8 comfortable player stations, with conveniently sized 22" wide-screen monitors. The elegant STORK Multiplayer Terminals, on the other hand, adds exciting dimensions to the gaming floor with its multifuncionality combined high-tech features. The Vega R8 Roulette and the STORK Multiplayer Terminal are Multi-Wheel playing supported products. Both products are compatible with EGT’s Roulette Center and Live Roulette Wheels by TCSJOHNHUXLEY, Cammegh and Abbiati. The outstanding composition of the Vega R8 Electronic Roulette and the STORK Multiplayer Terminals makes an impression of exclusivity and high class technology which guarantees that the player will enjoy placing bets and partake in the roulette game to the maximum.

4. How did the visitors evaluate EGT's products?

The visitors at EGT’s booth were first curious then interested and finally greatly excited by our new products. They were impressed by EGT’s game software specifically the graphic resolution, game themes and bonus features. Our guests have acknowledged and applauded our hard work to keep up or even exceed the standards of the game development customers are looking for.  

5. How would you describe EGT's positions on the Asian gaming market?

I see us as a rising star in Asia given the strategic development we have in the Philippines. I mean the same for the other markets which we are going to conquer and which we have touched base with – Laos, Malaysia and Singapore. In line with the Philippine’s bullishness in beefing up their gaming industry, EGT hopes to progress in the same way and increase the brand equity and sales while constantly searching for new markets.

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