Numerous meetings and deals for EGT at the G2E Vegas show

Oct 18, 2019

Euro Games Technology and Reel Games Inc. enjoyed a G2E Vegas show full of meetings with guests from all around the world. “We welcomed visitors from the U.S., South and Central America, Europe, Asia and Africa,” shared Stanislav Stanev, marketing and sales director of EGT. “They were all positive that the two VIP cabinets of our latest General slot range – the G 55 C and the G 32-32, are a step ahead for EGT for their impressive HD displays, dynamic touch screen keyboard and the HD new multigame mixes. The LED bank end advertising, the panels between the cabinets and the LED jackpot signs also drawn the attention almost immediately with their catchy design, proving that every single detail on the machines is very important for the overall impression.”

Commenting on the EGT’s display at the event and the initial feedback from the U.S. attendees, Sean Smith, president of Reel Games Inc., confirmed that especially the G 55 C VIP received an immediate approval by the gaming connoisseurs. He also pointed out Premier P-42V St Curved as the most preferred EGT cabinet by his customers, who are also looking forward to match it with the Amazons’ Battle and Burning Hot, debuting at the show as single games, or to link it to the Dragon’s Turn jackpot that has prevailed the latest installations of the company in the country.

The EGT team for Central and South America also gave credit to G2E for some important meetings and presentations they had during the show. “The General VIP models were the highlight of my conversations with the customers as well,” gave more details Nadia Popova, director of EGT Central America, the Caribbean and Mexico. “The visitors especially appreciated the G 32-32 VIP cabinet that saves space in the casino while offering the top of comfort and high-end technologies. Additionally, during the event we were able to negotiate several major deals for future installations in Mexico as well as for other countries within the market coverage of our office.”

According to Silvia Marinova, director of EGT Colombia, Amazon’s Battle and Burning Hot are very preferred games also in Colombia. She noted that the customers who came at the booth from her region were enthusiastic to see them paired with the new G 55C VIP cabinet. The Dragon’s Turn, Sands Princess jackpots and the EGT Multiplayer’s S32 and S 32 32 S-Line terminals were also subject of several inquiries, leading to new contracts with two more key operators in the country for installations in multiple locations. “The Spider CMS stirred up serious interest as well. Currently many gaming entrepreneurs in Colombia are looking to invest in new technologies in the short term and most probably we will test the system in multiple establishments,” added Mrs. Marinova.

Mario Trayanski, director of EGT Peru, also pointed out that the show will definitely contribute to his office’s fast-paced advancement. “Our company in Peru has been lately among the most rapidly growing enterprises in the local gaming industry. We have so far installed over 2,200 machines and G2E Vegas is one more opportunity to show the latest models to our customers. They especially approved our corporate concept to tailor the multigame mixes to the local specifics and preferences, so we are looking forward to an even more successful 2020,” concluded Mr. Trayanski.

Regency from Greece and Merit Casino, Casino Elexis and Concord Casino from Northern Cyprus are just some of the operators welcomed at EGT’s booth by Biserka Draganova, sales manager for the Balkans. “They already have the G 32 32 VIP cabinet on their gaming floors, housing the Gold Collection HD multigame, and now are interested in the new General mixes that we are releasing. I was delighted to meet with my customers, coming from afar to keep themselves updated on our latest product developments.”

For another year G2E Vegas proved to be a busy and influential event for EGT and its customers, paving the way for more business on an international scale.

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