New target is reached

Apr 26, 2013

EGT proudly announces its debut in Princess Casino – Gevgelija, Macedonia with one of its proven products on the market - VEGA R8 Automated Electronic Roulette and Live Wheel Connection Kit.

What is specific about this installation is that the roulette is connected to one of the Cammegh’s live wheels  in the casino via Live Wheel Connection Kit with 22double sided  statistic SVS and Video camera – also EGT’s product. The advantage of this type of system is that the players can place bets on the automatic roulette wheel and on the Cammegh’s live wheel. The bets can be placed on both wheels simultaneously and this advantage is secured through the software innovation of VEGA R8 roulette. The Video Camera, part of 22 " double-sided SVS statistic,  provides visualization of live wheel on each electronic gaming place, which makes  placing bets on the live table extremely easy despite of the distance from the roulette.

"We are pleased of the fact that a major operator like Princess Casino has put their thrust in EGT and chose our multiplayer products. I believe that our gaming system will satisfy even the most demanding players. With this and subsequent installations we establish EGT as a major manufacturer of multiplayer products too."- comments Ivo Georgiev, Manager Multiplayer Solutions Department,  EGT.

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