Interview with Silviya Marinova, director of Euro Games Colombia, for Soloazar

Apr 17, 2018

What are you presenting at this edition of the fair?

At this year’s edition of FADJA Colombia we presented the highly anticipated P-42V St Curved that had its regional debut during the event, the well-known on the market P-24/24 Up and P-27/27 St Slim slot cabinets, the Diamond Life and Fu Gui Rong Hua jackpot systems, featuring two more models – the P-24/32H and P-24/32V Up, as well as the recently launched locally STORK terminal.

Do you have special products for the region?

Our company is constantly analyzing the feedback from the operators, as well as the opinion of the players in order to tailor its gaming solutions to the local needs. This is also why EGT products have become so preferred in the region. This year we are excited to bring to the Colombian market the STORK terminal – a product of our subsidiary company EGT Multiplayer. With its multigame of slot titles, provided roulette game and 4-level mystery jackpot, it represents a winning concept for the operators and is already becoming a preferred product in the first ten gaming establishments where it has been so far installed.

How important is this region for the company?

Latin America is an attractive region for its high sales potential for the industry. This is also why Colombia is amid the main focuses of EGT in 2018. The local market is growing and maturing as the operators are looking to renew their gaming equipment. We are foreseeing a change in the overall gaming culture in the country and are excited to be part of the process.

How do you see the show this year and what feedback did you receive from the visiting public?

FADJA Colombia 2018 seemed smaller but well attended and we were very pleased with the number of visitors at our booth. The international guests we received were also more than last year’s. The showcased product diversity of EGT, as well as the modern design and high video and audio quality of our cabinets, attracted the attention. The presented various multi-games were also appreciated.

What is your opinion about the gaming market in Colombia and its efforts to combat illegal gambling?

There is a tough road ahead when it comes to the illegal gaming in Colombia. However, the local gaming commission puts a lot of efforts to minimize the scale and impact of the issue, so we hope for positive final results.

What about the regulation of the online gambling in Colombia? Do you think it is a good example for the region?

The legalizing of the online gaming in Colombia was definitely a major step toward diversification of the industry and increasing of its potential. I expect that the local market will continue to expand and will develop towards more sophisticated gaming environment.

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