Interview with Nadia Popova, director – EGT Central America, for International Casino Review

Apr 26, 2018

How EGT positions itself on the market of Central and South America?

Since 2013 EGT has exponentially grown its market share in Latin America and we have become the leading and favorite manufacturer of slot machines in all countries we work in. Currently we are one of the main suppliers of the major groups in the gaming industry, like Pasha Global, Princess, Maruma and many more.

Our main focus has been and will remain the reliable and fruitful relationships with the operators and the expansion into our target markets. In this regard our understanding is that openness and transparency in the communication with our partners are crucial for our mutual success. Developing products, tailored to the specific requirements of every market and to the expectations of the end users, are also equally important to us.

EGT is among the main suppliers in the region. Please tell us more about the products which made the company so popular here.

We have a wide portfolio that has been presented in the region. From our Premier Series slot machines and Collection Series multi-games to our expanding interactive products. But if I have to choose the model that has revolutionized our positioning in Latin America, I would say it is our Premier-24/24 Upright slot cabinet. It has achieved highest players’ remarks and has created the largest sales potential for us, opening also a lot of new markets for EGT. Its key success attributes are the ergonomic silhouette, the attractive colors, the high-quality sound and the visually engaging games, which in general are one of the most important aspects of EGT products. Our Collection Series multi-games for example are having up to 48 gaming titles each and have been the perfect offering to any casino floor.

EGT is known for being at the top of the latest trends in the gaming industry because we are constantly creating products that are able to satisfy the evolving needs of our customers. For the purpose we keep in contact with the operators and analyze their feedback, as well as the opinion of their final clients in order to develop better gaming solutions. This is also why EGT products have become so popular in Latin America.

What are the new gaming solutions you are going to present for a first time in the region?

After our huge success at the ICE 2018, we will be presenting four new cabinets – G-27/27 Up, G-27/32 Up, G-27/27 St, and G-27/32 St with their two high-resolution widescreen frameless monitors, having as an option the same size topper for even more vibrant look. They feature large and convenient touch button deck, crystal clear stereo sound and exquisite design, combining high comfort for the players.

Three new multi-games – the Gold Collection HD, the Purple Collection and the Union Collection, will be added to the locally renowned Collection Series. Following the overall logic of the series, they all will comprise of 48 titles some of them acknowledged best-sellers, others – new additions to our portfolio. The Union Collection will also present the exciting European Roulette Game.

Last but not least, we are currently presenting in Latin America our Premium Link jackpot system that can link all EGT games from present and previous series to participate for common mystery and symbol driven progressive jackpots. Soon you will find this new product in casinos in Chile, Panama, Mexico and the Caribbean.

EGT’s office in Colombia made numerous large-scale installations and is already working with some of the major domestic operators. Please tell us more about it.

EGT’s office in Colombia opened in 2016 and, like the rest of our offices in the region, grows faster than expected. A key factor for its success is the already established positive image of the company in Central America and the Caribbean. That helped us in being well presented in South America and as for Colombia to expand at a fast pace in the Andean region.

Today we are working with the key operators in the country and over 100 casinos have our products on their gaming floors. In the beginning of the year we installed 40 STORK terminals and 24 slot cabinets in 10 venues of our partner Codere. This is a strong beginning of our plan to deliver more STORKs that fit the needs of the small casinos, looking for a suitable ergonomic machine that will occupy less space and will offer everything desired by the players: video slots, roulette and casino table games. We will also be focusing on the VLT niche in the country (establishments other than casinos), as well as on the local online gaming market, which is expected to grow even further this year.

The opening of our Colombian office was an obligatory step to gain the trust of the local operators and to show our support to the market.

What about the Mexican market? Do you consider it important and what are your plans for development there?

Mexico is definitely our biggest market in Latin America at the moment. We are partnering with the major local operators and have installed a great number of machines across the country. Our plans for 2018 are to deliver 2000 slot cabinets, many roulettes and to carry out numerous new integrations with the major online casinos in Mexico.

During this year will also be the local premiere of our T-Line automated touch-screen roulette tables – modern, highly technological and very attractive developments of our subsidiary company EGT Multiplayer. They incorporate the modern tendencies in digitalization that attract the younger players without losing touch with the traditional roulette game.

Please tell us more about the office in Panama. How the showroom you opened influenced the sales?

Panama was the starting point of everything we have accomplished in Latin America and the Caribbean. The opening of our two-story office in the country, that includes the showroom, was a natural step for us. It has definitely boosted our sales as we can invite our customers from every part of the region and demonstrate our best-selling products. One of the main initiatives we have launched in our showroom is to turn it into a regional training center for technicians and sales representatives of EGT and of our partners. Currently we are running a training course for our Mexican technicians and sales representatives, as well as for the technical staff of one of the best casinos in Panama.

What are your plans and goals for the entire region for 2018?

Apart from the already mentioned slot premieres, in 2018 we are also going to establish our daughter companies EGT Multiplayer and EGT Interactive in Latin America and the Caribbean, presenting respectively their multiplayer solutions and online gaming products.

EGT Multiplayer’s portfolio includes the STORK and S-line HD terminals, a diversity of roulette models, including the T-Line roulette touch table of 12 gaming positions and an automated wheel, and a rich variety of multiplayer games, like Blackjack and Baccarat among others, as well as jackpots, like the Diamond Number and the Jackpot Cards.

EGT Interactive has been growing in the region since last year. It has developed over 150 video slots (desktop and mobile based), featuring authentic sounds and music, impressive interface and high-quality visuals. Players can also enjoy our online four-level mystery Jackpot Cards. Currently we are integrating our interactive portfolio with the major online casinos in Mexico and soon will start negotiations also in Colombia.

In 2018 we are expecting to double our presence and sales in Latin America and the Caribbean. We will also be entering several new markets as well. In this regard EGT got licensed for Chile too and very soon we will be installing our first machines in the country.

In terms of nearest new product launches the Premium Link jackpot system is going to debut in Panama, as well as the installation of the first T-line roulette in one of most technologically advanced casinos in the countries. This is just the beginning of the year and you can expect much more from us from now on.

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