G2E Asia 2019 – the next step for EGT in Asia

Apr 30, 2019

EGT and EGT Multiplayer are ready for the next G2E Asia exhibition in Macao, after completing numerous deliveries in Asia since the last edition of the show in 2018. “Just for one year we have entered the markets of Cambodia, Laos, Timor Leste, Malaysia, the Philippines, Saipan and Sri Lanka and we are thankful to our partner Channel Paradise for the support,” commented Boyko Boev, manager business development of EGT for the region. “Around 400 player stations of wide diversity of models have welcomed the guests of 19 casinos and much more are to be installed this year, as the contracts have already been inked. The gaming audience of each country has given its preferences for certain machines, but as aa whole we have been very successful with the S-Line series - the S32, S32/32, S32/32/27, S32/32/32 terminals, as well as with the R-Line automated roulettes and the T-Line touch screen roulette tables with 6 or 12 player stations, connected to the Jackpot Cards and the especially developed for Asia Wang Collection mix. From the slot product range we have become popular with the Collection series multigames, presented in the most favored in the whole region P-42V St Curved cabinet, and the Fu Gui Rong Hua and Cai Shen Kingdom jackpots (the last also presented in the P-24/32 Up cabinet).”

All these products can be seen at booth A1605 of EGT and EGT Multiplayer during the show, together with the 4-level progressive Asian-themed Dragon’s Turn and the newest jackpots with storylines in ancient Egypt – Sands Princess (5 progressive levels) and Ancient Spin (4 progressive levels). The main EGT highlight though will be the first-shown for the region General line of 6 brand new slot cabinets – the G 27-27 Up and St, the G 27-32 Up and St and the highly comfortable G 32-32 VIP and G 55 Curved VIP, that incorporate luxury style chairs with stereo speakers and sound volume and game controls. All “G” models are made to bring the modern technologies in every gaming hall. Their frameless HD monitors reproduce picture with exceptional clarity; the design, based on multitude of ergonomic features, strikes an elegant look from any angle with its eye-catching LED illumination; the large and convenient keyboard is created for greater usability, combining dynamic touch display and electromechanical buttons; the well-positioned mechanical counters secure easy access and good visibility.

Two new gaming series will accompany the “G” slot cabinets. The General multigames – Red HD and Fruits HD, will present 54 titles each and the Power line – Red HD, Purple HD and Gold HD, has 10 games in every mix. All are based on impacting graphics, effective math models and the high performing Exciter III platform.

EGT Multiplayer’s accents for the show will be its premiere for Asia – the S 32/55 S-Line terminal. Apart from being flexible to be arranged in various configurations on the floor, it gains its fans unconditionally with its elegant and finely detailed design, its 32-inch full HD main monitor with touch screen and its second 55-inch vertical second information display, letting viewers immerse themselves in the stunning power of the ultra high definition resolution. The exceptionally slim design and the real-time video streaming of the connected automated or live roulette wheel will further increase the players’ excitement from experiencing the game on the terminal. The new three-meter wide multimedia LED wall, beaming picture with standing out quality will also gain the admiration of the audience.

The Spider CMS has also increased its capacity to serve the customers – its range of functionalities has now expanded to include the newly developed Player Tracking Module. It aims to secure the real-time player info, detailed client history, statistics for carded or non-carded play, while managing multi-site accounts and loyalty and incentive programs for the casino’s guests, defined by operator’s individual criteria.

“I have high hopes for the General slot cabinets (especially for the G 55 VIP Curved model) and the Power multigames, as well as for all S-Line terminals, including the latest S 32/55,” added Mr. Boev. “At the same time we will keep on installing the most popular P-42V St Curved cabinet in Asia, as it gathers only positive feedback from the operators for its contemporary curved displays, high comfort and ability to be equipped with practically all the EGT gaming software, which is a major advantage. We are currently developing games specifically for the region that will also have the Mandarin language version. This is to prove how serious our intentions for Asia are. Our expectations for G2E Asia 2019 are also ambitious. There are many countries where we still have no presence and we are looking forward to meeting potential customers from them during the show. In 2019 we have plans to penetrate also the Vietnam’s market mainly with the models of the S-Line, R-Line and T-Line series, as well as with the Fu Gui Rong Hua and Cai Shen Kingdom jackpots, presented in the P-42V Curved cabinet, and the General slot line. So, in any case, it will be an exciting year ahead for both our team and our customers!”

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