G2E 2014 – continued elevation for EGT

Oct 16, 2014

This year Euro Games Technology had its most successful G2E exhibition ever, far outreaching the company’s expectations. Customers from all over the world appreciated the design, technologies, and all high-end features of EGT’s solutions on display and acknowledged how fast the company has been growing and how ambitious its plans are for product and market development. “We received strong interest from prospects in South America and the Caribbean region, as well as from North America, where we had appointed our partner Reel Games six months ago. G2E also revealed new opportunities to liaise with customers from Asia, Europe and Africa, nevertheless their more distant location from Las Vegas. Apart from the sales, G2E has always been a strong image building event for our company giving us a new communication channel to convey our message of how many diverse solutions we are offering and how attractive from every perspective are they,” commented on the event Stanislav Stanev, Marketing and Sales Director of EGT.

The booth of the company displayed a variety of new products covering both land-based and online aspects of the casino industry. Among the company’s showcased machines were its jackpot systems, the Premier series cabinets with different multigame mixes, the multiplayer solutions presented by the STORK terminal in configurations with a live and an automated roulette wheels, as well as with bingo.

A dedicated booth area presented EGT’s online gaming products with accent on the debuting newly developed interactive titles. “Our division is the fastest growing within the company. At G2E we attracted the attention of online platform operators with high potential for interactive gaming. Our products are highly competitive and are an integral part of EGT’s 360 degree range of solutions for the gaming sector,” explained EGT Head of Online Systems Todor Zahariev.

The EGT’s product launch during G2E – the Lady’s Cards jackpot system, was perceived as a novelty of high standard in company’s portfolio, meeting new customer requirements and amusing the players with all Premier series game titles. The Egypt Quest jackpot system also got a warm reception, as well as the new multigame mix Premier Union 1 available for the Premier slot machines and the STORK terminal multiplayer solutions.

“During G2E we heard from highly esteemed experts in the industry that we have made a tremendous progress in many aspects and that our products have achieved a new level of refinement,” said Mr. Stanev. And EGT’s sales results come to prove this opinion. Currently the company has strong positions in Europe, Central America, and the Caribbean region, and every year marks further sales growth including in Latin America. “We are also expanding in Asia and Africa and have already made our first sale in the U.S. together with our partner Reel Games. It was of Premier 24/24 Up cabinets for a casino floor in Florida. During G2E we negotiated several more new installations in different states and jurisdictions that will include not only Premier cabinets but also our Egypt Quest jackpot system. So we are on our path of further development and from this point of view we may proudly say that G2E 2014 is proving to be a real hallmark of success for EGT,” concluded Mr. Stanev.

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