Euro Games Technology presents innovations at BeGeExpo

Oct 18, 2012

2012 is the year of innovations for Euro Games Technology. The company has broadened its extensive portfolio of products even more, by presenting new exciting products at the BeGeExpo in Sofia, Bulgaria. Once more, EGT proved its stable position among the top players in the casino industry in Bulgaria and exhibited their latest innovative products:

Electronic Roulette VEGA-R8 + STORK Multiplayer Terminals

EGT’s Multiplayer Solutions scored a lot with the presentation of the Vega R8 Roulette in combination with the new STORK Multiplayer Terminals. The sophisticated Electronic Roulette supplies 8 comfortable player stations, with conveniently sized 22" wide-screen monitors. The elegant STORK Multiplayer Terminals, on the other hand, adds exciting dimensions to the gaming floor with its multifunctionality combined with high-tech features.

EGT proudly presented its brand new software productMulti-wheel playing. It enables simultaneous play on three wheels (linked in a system) whereas the player can lay bets in real time.  The Vega R8 Electronic Roulette and the STORK Multiplayer Terminal can be linked to up to three roulette wheels simultaneously, comfortably displaying live video and statistics of each wheel on the individual monitors. Both products are compatible with EGT’s Roulette Center and the electronic and live Roulette Wheels by TCSJOHNHUXLEY and Cammegh, exhibited at the show especially for the presentation of the new system. The outstanding composition of the Vega R8 Electronic Roulette and the STORK Multiplayer Terminals with the new Multigame software makes it possible for the player to enjoy the multigame variety together with high class technology and comfort which guarantees a maximum entertainment and fun.

Premier Series Multigames

EGT announced its brand new selection of Multigame mixes from the Premier product line. Premier Multi-2 and Multi-3 feature 28 and respectively 33 exciting games, some of which are brand new.  All software products from the Premier Series are run by the powerful Exciter II®, platform which enables brilliant graphics quality and high tech performance.

Cat 4 Cash ® Multi-Level Progressive Jackpot System

EGT showcased one of the company’s highly evaluated products – the Cat 4 Cash ® Multi-Level Progressive Jackpot System. This is one of EGT latest products, which has already proven itself as an absolute success for EGT. The system features four levels of progressive Jackpot. An eye-catching jackpot panel attracts the players’ attention with a clear presentation of the jackpot levels and an entertaining animation shown on a high quality 40" LCD - TFT display. The stylish cabinets are exclusively designed for the player’s comfort with their 22" and 32" wide-screen LCD-TFT monitors. The visitors at EGT’s booth were captured by the new Cat 4 Cash Multigames run by the powerful Exciter II® platform.

United Mystery Jackpot System

Another brand new product showcased by EGT at the BeGeExpo was the United Mystery Jackpot System. This system proves to be a really valuable asset for every casino because of its multi-functionality. The United Mystery Jackpot System can be connected to more than 100 machines of ANY brand and features 3 levels of jackpot.

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