EGT with a steady progress in France

Jan 14, 2015

Euro Games Technology affirmed their position on the hard-to-conquer French gaming market by introducing 6 STORK terminals with an automated roulette wheel in the Casino d’Argeles-Gazost, owned by Tranchant Group.

With its 16 casinos, Tranchant Group is one of the three biggest operators in France, and is EGT’s sole distributor in the country. The successful partnership, which dates back to 2011, began with the introduction of Vega Vision Up, Vega Vision+ Up and Vega Vision+ Slant top cabinets. Then, installations of Cat 4 Cash progressive jackpot system and Premier Series P-24/24 Up slot machines with Multi-3, 4 and 5 game mixes further solidified the relationship between the two companies.

The appreciation and positive feedback from casino operators and players alike led to the introduction of one of EGT’s highest multiplayer achievements – the STORK terminal. With its sleek design and ergonomic shape, combined with high technological performance, it is sure to satisfy even the most demanding gaming enthusiasts. Three other EGT products, the Premier R8 automated roulette, the P-24/24 Slant top Slim cabinet, and the Egypt Quest progressive jackpot system are about to entertain players in France any time soon as well. They are expected to match and even surpass sales numbers from previous years of EGT.

“Euro Games Technology drew the attention to itself not only with its state-of-the-art solutions but by being successful in what is believed to be a harsh market for the gaming industry,” commented Borislav Prokopiev, Sales Manager of EGT for France. “The company managed to do that by its wide diversity of products, exciting new games and impeccable technical support.”

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