EGT will raise the heartbeat of ICE 2015 visitors

Jan 27, 2015

Euro Games Technology’s exhibition at ICE 2015 will include more than 150 machines. They will turn the S3-130 stand into a stage where the company will present its technological capabilities, and declare its plan for an even quicker pace of development.

EGT will quicken the expo’s pulse, right on the first day at 12 pm, by the official unveiling of premiers from all product divisions – video slot cabinets, multiplayer solutions, and interactive developments. The machines’ debut will be accompanied by a selected new multigame mixes and titles designed both for land-based and online playing.

Hand in hand with the premiers, EGT will also present their well-established products that have earned the trust of casino operators and players all around the world. The jackpot family with its four distinguished members - Lady’s Cards, Egypt Quest, Diamond Life and Cat 4 Cash, features progressive and mystery jackpot systems, characterized by diverse gameplays, eye-catching graphics and user-friendly cabinets. Their popularity increases by the day, and EGT will meet ICE 2015 visitors with its newest member. It will be completely different, it will use next-generation hardware platform and it will bring thrill with an own portfolio of games. “The new jackpot system is more than just a well-executed product. It is based on a different concept and it raises the bar quite high. We are eager to present it, and we are confident it will make lasting first impressions.”

There will be quite a few cabinets from the Premier Series – EGT’s flagman. They feature numerous developments, such as the P24/24 Up cabinet, sold in a number of countries. This is just the tip of the iceberg, though, as the attention is drawn to the unveiling of new products from the series. They will offer not only stunning graphics, sophisticated and ergonomic design, but they will also add some more notches to the Premier Series’ belt.

The Multiplayer Solutions will be the other trick up EGT’s sleeve. The exquisite hi-tech STORK terminal will feature in many configurations, various in shape and size, adapted to the different needs of casino operators. Combined with live, automated or virtual roulettes, as well as bingo machine, STORK will unleash the power of its innovative and highly adaptable capabilities.

The Premier R8 automated roulette will also stand proud among the multiplayer solutions but the expo will be the first place to show what else is hiding beneath the covers. “I will just say that we have brand new series in this division. It is called Luxury Series, and it really earns its name combining classic design and high-end digital technologies with traditional multiplayer games loved all around the world.” said Mr. Stanev.

EGT’s Interactive Department will also bring excitement. More than 20 new titles, designed for different mobile devices, will welcome their future fans. Some of them are the online counterparts of the so loved land-based games, while others stand out as exclusively interactive. “These are the premiers that we cannot hide beneath a veil,” commented Mr. Todor Zahariev, Head of online systems department of EGT. “This is the fastest growing EGT division, and this is a response to the ever increasing number of online players that enjoy our games.”

EGT will present the biggest number of debuts so far at ICE 2015. Although still hiding beneath the covers, the new products promise a certain WOW effect!

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