EGT will debut in Peru at the PGS 2016

May 31, 2016

During Peru Gaming Show 2016 at expo center Jokey Plaza, Lima, Euro Games Technology will showcase its products for a first time before the local gaming audience. For its debut the company has specially prepared a display of its newest and most popular slot machines at its booth No 55.

One of the models in the spotlight will be the P-42V St Curved cabinet of Premier series. Its arched touch-screen 42-inch monitor for more visually powerful games, the sophisticated design with flawless end-to-end clear glass tops, the user-friendly interface, the impeccable comfort for the players and the rich in variety multigames of Collection series make it stand out with technical accomplishment, elegance and high sales potential.

Five EGT mystery and progressive jackpot systems of four jackpot levels – Fu Gui Rong Hua, Egypt Quest, Diamond Life, Lady’s Cards and Cat 4 Cash, will also be triggering a variety of positive emotions in the PGS visitors, showing off their individually designed bonus games and special selection of multigames. The newest Fu Gui Rong Hua was presented for a first time just several months ago. Its name in Chinese means “fortune, glory, splendor and riches” and the product is created to make them frequently happen for the players, granting them the chance of hitting multiple of its jackpot levels at a time. At PGS 2016 the Fu Gui Rong Hua will be housed in a P-24/32V Up cabinet, one of the two available for the system, having a 24-inch touch-screen main monitor, a 32-inch vertically-oriented top box and a 24-inch topper.

The jackpot systems Egypt Quest, Diamond Life and Lady’s Cards are already well-known in Central and Latin America. Lady’s Cards, will be presented with the most popular EGT slot model – P-24/24 Up, being favored in over 75 countries. The custom design of the cabinets, the mathematical models and the different themed games of these products dive the player into their fabulous and exciting world, offering an experience to be sought after again.

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