EGT VEGA-R Series Roulettes – now on the Croatian Market!

Nov 05, 2013

Euro Games Technology is delivering good news again! The company has recently obtained a certification from the Czech ITS Laboratories, which allows the operation of EGT Automatic Roulettes from the VEGA-R series on the Croatian market.

“The ITS certification opens new horizons for EGT in Croatia. The automatic Roulettes from the VEGA-R Series offer new Multigame software which allows the players to enjoy Blackjack and Roulette play whereas they may lay their bets on up to three roulette wheels simultaneously.” commented Ivo Georgiev, EGT Manager Multiplayer Solutions Department.

The sophisticated roulettes from the VEGA-R series offer comfort and elegance combined with excellent performance! One of the first installations of these products in Croatia will soon take place at the performance Casino in Zagreb where the players will have the opportunity to enjoy the magnificent VEGA-R8 II Automatic Roulette.

“There is a high demand for our products on the Croatian market. We already have agreements with some of the key operators in Croatia and will announce for significant installations in a very short time!” explained Tomislav Barbić, EGT Sales Manager Croatia.

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