EGT Steel Production – the new ambitious member of EGT’s family

Mar 05, 2021

Steelwork is the main subject of activity and the field of competence of EGT Steel Production. Established in March, 2020 as a subsidiary company of Euro Games Technology, its mission is to be a key participant in the production of the slot cabinets, making their welded housings and all steel accessories and elements included in the machines (holders – for bill validators and counters, Exciter platform boxes, etc.).

The CEO of the company is Mr. Stefan Georgiev, a long-term practitioner in the steelworks industry, whose experience is related not only to light, but also to heavy steel structures. Under his management have been large and responsible projects in the field in different sectors, including construction and petrochemical industry, both in Bulgaria and abroad.

„The main role of EGT Steel Production is also to provide more flexibility to the highly efficient R&D department of Euro Games Technology so that all new slot models, developed by it, to be made and tested in-house before their mass production commences,” explained Mr. Georgiev. “As a CEO I am also ambitious to attract more external international clients and to offer them a wide variety of products made of steel. EGT Steel Production will be competitive on a global scale.“

The material-technical base of the company covers 5000 sq. m of which 3000 sq. m are indoor area. The manufacturing facility includes 4 main workshops: for laser cutting of sheet material, where also is used a latest generation high-performance CNC punch center; for details forming with CNC press brakes bending machines for up to 15 mm thickness of the material and for fasteners mounting with a CNC/NC and manual press; and two workshops for welding (manual and robotic), final assembly and finishing operations such as mechanical cleaning and painting preparations.

Currently EGT Steel Production relies on a staff of technical engineers, mechanical designers, machine setup specialists, logistics professionals, quality managers, workers and administration personnel. Their number is constantly increasing. “At this stage we are focused on the complete renovation of the factory, which we started when we moved in and plan to finish in the first half of 2021,” explained Mr. Georgiev. “According to schedule is also the optimization of our production operations which is performed simultaneously.”

The manufacturing capacity of the company is 150 tons processed steel per month. The implementation of more automation and the migration to new, more effective machines ensures the continuous increase in productivity and in 2021 it is expected to reach monthly 200 tons. The quality is constantly monitored and guaranteed by a QMS that covers all manufacturing phases and its perfection is also backed up by ongoing improvement of the working environment, introduction of new technologies, optimization of internal logistics, as well as by the SAP ERP system that joins the new subsidiary to the general information structure of EGT.

According to Mr. Georgiev, apart from the negative effects, the current crisis due to COVID-19 opens up an opportunity for EGT Steel Production: “Our company is closely connected with the casino industry and the current decrease in our work volume creates some financial issues, but it is also a fact that this is the perfect moment to carry out all planned refurbishments and organization improvements in a most effective way. As a result we will optimize the costs for the cabinets’ production, will increase our resilience when launching new models, will shorten the production deadlines, will improve our communication and work efficiency and all that will positively affect the quality of EGT’s final products. We are also able to concentrate on internal projects for optimization of the assembly lines at the main plant of Euro Games Technology for which we are currently preparing some special appliances and components.”

In 2021 EGT Steel Production will continue to increase its capacity. The final goal of the company is to diversify the portfolio of Euro Games Technology with even more services and metal goods for the international market. Its ambition is also to rank among the best in its sector. This is what Mr. Georgiev also wishes for himself as a CEO – to lead a team that is among the top professionals in its field of competence.

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