EGT rejoices after Expo Congresso Andaluz sobre el Juego

Sept 24, 2021

After appearing for the very first time at the exhibition in Andalucia, EGT seem to have had a most successful show, with reports indicating a number of closed deals and the company expressing their hopes and plans for the market. Their Spanish subsiadary feels quite confident and promises to do a lot more in the region.

“The feedback we received was from both the biggest and the smaller operators, we were very excited about that”, says Kristian Kostovski, director of EGT Spain. „Already we have installations confirmed for Q3 2021, as well as for Q1 2022, all throughout Spain – Catalonia, Asturias, Madrid, and of course, Andalucia“, he adds, „we also got the chance to catch up with some old faces for the first time in a long while.“

The company managed to exhibit many products from its catalogue, some exclusively set up for the region, including even a promised, the new G 32-32 VIP. „Andalucia, and Spain as a whole, is a market of great strategic importance and we feel our global presence will expand with the innovations and player experience that we offer here“, summarizes Kostovski.

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