EGT Peru will surprise you every month

Mar 16, 2020

Doing business may also be a pleasure and EGT Peru proves it with its latest practice. Only for three years the company’s assets already include the good relations with most of the local operators and numerous successful installations. So now the team pays also serious attention to… the ways of having some fun with the customers. How does the idea work out will share Elizabeth Carrion from the local office. - Elizabeth, in January you held the Rock School of EGT and at the end of February was the EGT Gaming Carnival. Are you happy with the events and do you plan to organize 12 in total till the end of the year? We enjoyed the events to the fullest and are happy to know that our customers did too. So it is decided – our team has already made a plan for the whole year – each month there will be a different surprise.

- How the idea was born and what made you think that the customers would be willing to spend some of their free time with you?

The idea came up in December when we opened our new showroom with the best performing cabinets we have already installed all around Peru – P-24/24 Up, P-27/27 St, P-27/32H St, P-42V St Curved, to name a few. The event we held then was a great success and that was also because of its friendly atmosphere and the fun element that was present all the time. It was both business and entertainment, this is why we believe that our customers wouldn’t mind to take part in our future events as well.

- Does “having fun” help you do business?

Having close and good relations with the customers is a key to successful business. EGT Peru has so far grown very fast and we plan on keep on growing. We owe this to our competitive products and approach of doing business: to turn our customers into friends with the high level of our service and correct attitude. This is what makes the difference to us.

- What event comes next and are we invited?

We just celebrated the International Women’s Day and our event “Training in Sala” is scheduled for March. We are also looking forward to the next major dates in our calendar, including the one of Peru Gaming Show. You will hear from us soon and of course, you are invited not only to our special events but every single day when our showroom is open.

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