EGT Mexico and Big Bola Group: A partnership marked by success

May 10, 2022

EGT's fourth Lounge at a gaming establishment of Big Bola Group in Mexico is already a fact. Big Bola Atizapan Casino in Mexico city now has a special area equipped only with EGT machines and games.

Its guests will be able to enjoy the highly-potential G 32-32 VIP and G 50 J2 St slot models of the General series, as well as the top performers of the Premier Series P 27/27 St Slim and Super Premier. The cabinets are equipped with games of the Collection Series multigame mixes, Lady’s Cards jackpot system, as well as High Cash, one of the latest jackpot solutions of EGT, created especially for the American markets. Several S-Line terminals connected to a roulette and supplied with King 3 and King 4 multigames and Jackpot Cards complete the selection.

"We have been working with Big Bola Group for 5 years and we are very happy that they decided to trust us once again and open another Lounge with our products in one of their gaming halls," said Pamela Gutierrez, sales director of EGT Mexico. "We started this initiative with them in 2020. Despite all the difficulties we had due to COVID restrictions, EGT Lounges quickly became extremely popular and strengthened our brand as one of the most preferred by the Mexican gaming audience. Currently, we have presence in 16 of the operator’s casinos with more than 200 machines. We are proud to be among the top providers for the group both in terms of performance and quantity of gaming equipment.”

Monica Cuartas, a representative of Big Bola Group, also shared her thoughts about the new Lounge and the successful long-term collaboration with EGT: “The importance of being partners with EGT is not significant to us only as a commercial issue, it also has allowed us as an operator to face the pandemic stage and be able to have an unparalleled recovery in the gaming sector in Mexico. During the period of COVID crisis EGT machines have quickly increased their performance and returned to pre-pandemic numbers. Currently the Bulgarian manufacturer is one of Big Bola Group’s top suppliers with one of the best profitability per machine. In the reopening of the industry, while other operators withdrew terminals in participation, we chose to optimize and choose EGT for one of the main suppliers, opening more EGT Lounges. We started with two, which marked results superior to what we expected and at least twice what the machines we replaced did. These results were accompanied by joint work that allowed us to install two more in less than two months and we are planning to open two more in the next three months.”

Soon after EGT Lounge in Big Bola Casino four more gaming establishments of the operator received High Cash in G 50 J2 St cabinets: Pedregal, Tlalnepantla, Veracruz, and Queretaro.

Alejandro Luna and Sebastian Henao from Big Bola Group stated that the fact that Big Bola is the first operator in Latin America and among the first worldwide to install High Cash in four casinos simultaneously is an eloquent testimony to the great trust that EGT place in the operator. They added that by working hand in hand, the two companies had developed competitive advantages which turned them into benchmarks in the gaming sector in Mexico.

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