EGT is a “true leader” according to ICAP

Dec 29, 2016

Euro Games Technology was awarded the accolade “True Leader 2015 on the fourth consecutive edition of the eponymous competition. The company occupies the prestigious 12th place in the ranking of top 300 enterprises selected among the most successful Bulgarian business organizations (based on officially published data for 2015) in different sectors of the economy. Hence EGT outpaces some of the largest domestic key players in the mining, FMCG, electricity supply and distribution, telecommunications and other industries. In the category “Electrical equipment and components production” the company ranked first, having highest results. This sector of the economy is traditionally strong in the country and becoming its leader is a real distinction for EGT.

The competition is organized by ICAP Bulgaria, part of ICAP Group - the largest business information and consulting group in Southeastern Europe and one of the few companies recognized as “Credit Rating Agency” by the European Securities and Markets Authority in the region. The prize winners are selected on the basis of multiple objective indicators without considering an opinion of a committee or results of public surveys. Among the criteria are the EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization), the increase in the personnel, the high creditworthiness (ICAP Credit Score from B2 to A1) and the leadership of the company in its sector.

“We are proud of receiving this award,” shared Vladimir Dokov, CEO of EGT. “For only 14 years our company has evolved from a small business with 5 employees to one of the leading manufacturers in the Bulgarian economy. We kept the positive growth trend that gained us the “True Leader 2015” and even accelerated it in 2016, so I would expect that next year we rank even higher in the competition. Being a key player on the local gaming market for many years EGT is now export-oriented and is competing with worldwide and well established producers in the industry. These impressive results are evidence of the hard teamwork of our employees, of company’s proper growth strategy, well-oriented market approach and achieved high customer satisfaction.”

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