EGT Georgia became “Leader of the year”

Oct 14, 2020

EGT Georgia received the prestigious accolade “Leader of the year” at an annual ceremony, organized by the Union of National Business Rankings (UNBR) and the Swiss Ratings Association. The event took place in Bioli Medical Wellness Resort on 24 September, 2020 and is the 10th in a row for Georgia and 52nd in the history of the competition. The award is given to ten companies, identified as leaders in the country, based on a research, performed by the Georgian Polling Group. The participants are ranked on several indices for their financial and economic performance, social responsibility activities and human resources policies. This year EGT Georgiа received the “Gold” position twice – for its rating among the companies based in Tbilisi and for its results among all businesses in Georgia. It also obtained one more special award for its overall contribution to the economy of the country and for the executed social responsibility program towards its employees. “This is our second “Leader of the year” accolade – the first we won in 2019,” shared Radostina Valcheva, director of EGT Georgia. “It is a great honor to be so highly evaluated in Georgia. In our 12 years of existence we have evolved from a small business with only 3 employees to one of the leading gaming manufacturers and suppliers in the country. It is a privilege to invest, create new workplaces and develop in the Georgian auspicious business and economic environment. The results we have achieved today are thanks to our team of 65 qualified professionals and our corporate philosophy to give more to our customers, seen as the only way to success. We are keen to keep this upward trend in future.” Dochko Doychev, counsellor at the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Georgia and a special guest at the awarding ceremony, also expressed his satisfaction with the recognition of EGT Georgia: “The Embassy of Bulgaria in Tbilisi highly appreciates the prize of the Bulgarian company EGT Georgia. The award is a result of serious efforts in this difficult situation, related to COVID-19. The Bulgarian Embassy will continue to provide the necessary support to the Bulgarian business in Georgia. We wish Radostina Valcheva health and personal happiness and new, even greater results in the future work of the company.” EGT Georgia holds a leading position on the local gaming market with its 3,000 delivered machines. In 2018 the enterprise marked its highest number of installations (712 cabinets) of the Premier series from which most preferred are the Super Premier, P-42V St Curved, P-27/32H St and P-27/27 St models with the multigame mixes Purple, Red, Green Collection and Fruits Collection 2. The next slot generation of EGT – the General series, was launched in the country in November, 2019 and from it so far have been delivered 110 machines from the G 32-32 VIP, G 27-32 St and G 27-27 St models. It will continue to be the emphasis of all future installations of the company. EGT Georgia is also recognized for its special care for the employees, ensuring their regular training and a number of additional benefits. It is also actively cooperating with the state, associations and other businesses that are involved in different social projects, including the treatment of sick children.

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