EGT excels in European Markets

Apr 04, 2011

EGT continues its successful penetration into European gaming market with its trademark Vega Vision® Product line, incorporating the very successful Vega Vision+® Series and Vega Vision® Series.

The start of 2011 for Euro Games Technology has been very much out of the ordinary; an exceptional attendance at the ICE London exhibition, due to the progress in development of EGT's products, resulted in very positive feedbacks from our valued present and new customers. A global expansion of EGT into new markets is a definite accomplishment of hard work and a reputation EGT is most proud of.

European gaming industry could be described as extremely complex, competitive and at the same time very dynamic and challenging, due to the vast number of different countries with their own jurisdictions and constant change of legislations. Despite that, the European market is extremely important to Euro Games Technology. It offers endless possibilities with its variety, potential, geographical proximity and easiness to serve. Being part of the European Union has given Bulgaria great advantages. Even though the global economic crisis deeply affected the gaming market in many European countries causing their revenues to go progressively down and even witnessing the total ban in Russian and Ukraine, there are still a lot of opportunities, future prospects and new countries opening their doors.

Recently acquired approvals in countries like Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia, Monaco, France and Greece sustain the development of EGT in Europe. Major casino operators in Sweden, Switzerland, Poland, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Ireland, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece and France believe in EGT and use increasingly our products.  But our wish list does not stop here; EGT is working on more approvals and they are imminent. Shortly the list of European countries using EGT products will grow once more.

The enlargement of EGT in Europe would not have been possible without the increasing investment in R&D professionals, who are able to assure our customers a successful continuation in a constantly changing market, in time, where every detail makes a difference. Europe, being a saturated replacement market with intense competition, gives EGT all the more credit for its achievements. Operators want an alternative - something different, solution that justifies the investment and has fast return on investment.

Well this is where EGT comes in! With only nine years of existence and already being quite mature, EGT takes one careful step after the other and profiles itself as the preferred supplier, operators have been looking for. Supported by a strong R&D with short reaction times; vast array of products that are GLI/SIQ approved, brand with high electronics and mechanical reliability; competitively priced; offering games that have a high yield, EGT can now give proof on a daily basis of the reliability, stability and excellent performance by the products it manufactures. Being an EU member, EGT can react rapidly to the requirements of its valued customers and give that extra effort.

We are rather confident about the company's expansion throughout Europe in 2011. EGT is well positioned to take advantage of any arising opportunity due to the proven strength of its brand and market expertise. Our main goal is to continue deliver high quality products, innovative solution and compelling content to our valued customers.

2011 will see the launch of fascinating brand new products developed by EGT.

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