A growing interest in EGT products in France

Apr 04, 2016

Euro Games Technology has increased its sales in France during the last several years while partnering with the most noted local casino operators, like Groupe Barrière, JOA Group, Group Arevian, Group Viking, and the independent casinos. Some of its latest installations in several establishments of Groupe Barrière, that holds 32 casinos in the country and 9 more in Switzerland and Egypt, are a token of the uncompromised quality of EGT machines and of the ever increasing players’ interest in company’s games.

“We have been partnering with Groupe Barrière for years,” explained Borislav Prokopiev, sales manager of EGT in France. “At first we delivered our cabinets of Vega Vision+ series. The feedback on them was splendid, so we had every reason to solidify our relations with the business group. Our machines that have been currently certified for the country are P-24/24 Up, P-24/24 St Slim, P-27/27 St Slim, the mystery jackpot system Diamond Life and the multiplayer products – the terminal STORK and the touch screen roulette tables of Luxury series. All of them are already installed in different casinos, or are to be presented soon for the execution of concluded contracts.”

Only in March this year Euro Games Technology has entered two more gaming establishments of Groupe Barrière. At casino No 1 of France - Barrière de Enghien les Bains, situated around 15 km from Paris and including over 500 machines in its gaming portfolio, was the French debut of EGT’s jackpot system Diamond Life. Meanwhile in casino Barrière de Bordeaux in Bordeaux were installed all the locally certified models of the company. “I am delighted to work with EGT,” commented Mary Chatelain, operative director of Groupe Barrière. “Their professional attitude and provided technical service during the installations were of a highest standard.”

The multiplayer products of Euro Games Technology are also on their way to become favorites to the gaming community in France. In casino Barrière de Toulouse 18 STORK terminals, connected to an electronic roulette with an automated wheel, recently went live for a first time in the country. “We are well known for our slot models but the electronic roulette is a completely new product for the region,” said Borislav Prokopiev. “The advantages of our STORK terminal will also be acknowledged by the customers. It is a cutting-edge product that may connect to up to three roulette wheels (live, automated and virtual) simultaneously, as well as to a bingo machine, securing a variety of slot games to the players and being linked to a progressive jackpot system. The terminal can be configured, following the individual requirements of any casino and adapting easily to different gaming surroundings.”

In case the STORK terminals meet the expectations of the players and Mr. Eric Darago, manager of casino Barrière de Toulouse, the installation will be the first stage of a larger project between Groupe Barrière and Euro Games Technology for the first of its kind bingo installation of 40 STORKs in France. Such configuration has already been made in other countries and its results are more than satisfactory.

In terms of new projects April is also going to be full of success for EGT in France. Seven more installations are planned in different casinos of Groupe Barrière, as well as in several establishments of other operators.

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