Coin Jackpot

Coin Jackpot with lucky flips

A thrilling four-level mystery progressive jackpot experience that brings good fortune and many hours of enjoyment for players. The special bonus game can lead you to a lucky pick-up field, where turning 3 out of 12 coins with the same heads brings you big winnings.

The Jackpot is available in all cabinets from the following series:

group 6800 group 2
g 50 c up l 5


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Panel General

  • Dual-sided, LED jackpot panel
  • Attractive animations, traversing all sides of the panel
  • Themed RGB illumination on the top and bottom frame of the panel
  • Enhanced quality stereo sound system
  • Easy installation servicing
  • Available in big and small variant
panel general 2

Panel Rainbow

  • 42″ or 32″ monitor
  • Single or dual-sided
  • Attractive RGB LED illumination alongside the panel
  • Enhanced quality stereo sound system
  • Overhead LED display with thematic animations or
  • 3D volumetric letters
  • Easy servicing and installation
panel rainbow 2
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