The EGT future of gaming, manifested at ICE London 2020

Feb 24, 2020

This year’s ICE show gathered around 35,000 professionals from over 150 countries to witness the progress of the gaming industry, demonstrated by 600+ leading solutions providers across all sectors. Euro Games Technology is among the top 5 of them with its display of over 1200 sq. m and every part of it is consistent with the main concept of the event – to have a glimpse into the future. A future where the tech-forward technologies add value and new business prospects for the casino operators and bring new inspiration for the players. “We enjoyed to be part of the show with our new seven General slot models that debut as further evidence of the innovation potential of EGT,” shared Stanislav Stanev, marketing and sales director of EGT. “They will be of service to our customers within several months, when we will roll out their mass production. As a start, immediately after ICE, we will release the G55 C VIP cabinet, anticipated in many markets.” The General line’s diversity of display curves is leading in the sector and a core advantage of the series together with the accompanying HD multigames. The General mixes are mainly preferred for their special collection of numerous slot titles, while the Power are favored for the multiplayer games they include – roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and Keno. “This year we showcased several single games as well – Princess Cash and Dragon’s Realm united with the High Cash jackpot and Fiery Horn and Amazons’ Battle Grand connected to the 2 Happy Hits of two standalone mystery levels. The visitors favored their graphics, sharing positive feedback for our line of work as a whole,” added Mr. Stanev. EGT Multiplayer also showcased numerous product novelties. Borislav Marinov, marketing and sales director of the company, commented: “The way we understand the future of gaming is to add more flexibility to our products. This is what our customers expect and all our show premieres follow that concept.” The company highlighted two new series – the R-Line, featuring the R27, R32 terminals and the R6 automated roulette (all having an adjustable angle of their displays) and the T-Line that is now taken to the next level with the TR 27/57 model. “Our visitors approved of the fact that the R-Line products may be installed as single machines, or in various configurations – stadium, or theater type. The R6 is yet for those who prefer to have a whole unit with six gaming stations instead of separate terminals. The TR 27/57 combines slot and table games (live, automated, or ETG) while the upgraded T86 touch table is dedicated only to the roulette game. Our product lines are the flexibility in action,” shared Mr. Marinov. The new multigames of EGT Multiplayer also offer some widely approved features. The Multiplay 1 allows simultaneous play on 4 different games and the Royal HD enables the players to change the game directly without returning to a lobby screen.” The step forward for EGT Interactive are two Egyptian themed jackpots. Egypt Quest has been released at the end of 2019 and the five-level mystery bonus Scarab Jackpot was shown for the first time at ICE London 2020. Both received high acclaim from the audience together with the original design of the company’s stand. “The arrangement of the EGT Interactive’s area this year was widely commented as one of a kind,” shared Biserka Draganova, sales manager of EGT for the Balkans. “The whole EGT family’s display is one of the best we have made – the guests could easily find the highlighted products that were more than usual. The visitors from my region appreciated the G 55 C VIP cabinet the most and the slant top models – G 27-27 St and G 27-32 St. My customers from North Cyprus were avid to know more also for the G 32-32 VIP model and for a first time showed strong interest in the EGT Multiplayer’s products, specifically in the new R-Line terminals mainly because of their adjustable display. The top desired slot multigame mix was the Red General HD. It includes 50 games and 5 of them have a non-progressive jackpot of 4 levels.” Following a year of tremendous growth and anticipating an even more successful one, EGT Romania’s team welcomed numerous visitors from their country at the ICE show. Most of them favored the S 32/55 multiplayer terminal for its ultra HD 55-inch display and paid strong attention to the mixes Multiplay1 and Royal HD. “All my customers are also awaiting the new General slot cabinets with the different display curves – G 55 J1 VIP, G 50 J1 St/Up, G 50 J2 St/Up, G 50 C St/Up, as well as the Jackpot Cards jackpot and the new General LED signs,” commented Razvan Andronic, sales director of EGT Romania. “We are also looking forward to the Purple Power multigame mix which soon will be a hit in the country for the high-quality slot titles and the included roulette game.” Gergana Chelebieva, regional manager for Ireland, Portugal, Malta and Italy, also expressed her satisfaction with the show. Her customers from Ireland preferred cabinets that are already in mass production, commenting future deliveries of the G 32-32 VIP and G 27-27 St models. Some of them, who have already the Super Premier in their gaming halls, considered to upgrade their offerings for the VIP players with the Super Premier 75. The Irish operators also stopped by the S32 and S32-32 multiplayer terminals, sharing that their compact dimensions and ability to connect to several roulette wheels makes them a perfect choice for their establishments. “We welcomed also guests from Portugal that are more into the jackpot solutions and the single games, so their preferences went to the Asian themed Dragon’s Turn and the Princess Cash and Dragons’ Realm,” added Mrs. Chelebieva. “ICE London is turning into more and more important event also for Latin America - we had a record breaking number of visitors from the region this year,” commented Nadia Popova, director of EGT Central America, the Caribbean and Mexico. “Our guests were stunned by all debuting General cabinets – they liked their concept of having one large HD display with different curves. The new single games with the 2 Happy Hits and High Cash jackpots are also highly potential for our markets, allowing us to step into that segment after we have secured a high share in the multigames niche. The “EGT Lounge” initiative attracts an increasing number of operators from different countries that are willing to dedicate special area only for our machines in their casinos. This is a proof that their investment in our products pays off and that we offer exactly what their players expect,” added Mrs. Popova. The growth of EGT in the region is ever accelerating and future installations are already planned for Mexico, Panama, Chile and the Caribbean. Silviya Marinova, director of EGT Colombia, enjoyed meeting with current and potential customers, inking several deals from the very beginning of the show. She received only positive feedback for all General gaming machines, jackpot panels and debuting single games. Some of her guests have already installed EGT Multiplayer’s STORK terminals but they still noted how exquisite and trendy are the latest product generations of the company. Mrs. Marinova greeted also many licensed online operators from Colombia – another highly successful line of business of her office. “We have accumulated enough land-based experience to know which games are best to be certified with priority for our iGaming customers, so we constantly widen our interactive portfolio. ICE London 2020 is definitely a very busy event for me and my biggest reward is that some of our guests shared that they are so involved in EGT’s gaming world that they were eager to travel from afar to be among the first to witness our latest developments on site. They emphasized that their progress is connected to ours.” Atanas Sopotski from the AWP department of EGT welcomed many customers from Spain and presented the new AWP Roulette and the Orange Collection Saloon multigame, released for the B2 market: “The mix is of 12 games and received its certification for several regions in Spain, so we are awaiting its first installations in a few weeks. In 2020 we will even introduce a second mix for Spain. Our gaming proposals for the Dutch and the Romanian markets are in a final stage of certification, but there is strong interest from those countries up front”. The team of Spider CMS met with visitors mainly from Ireland, Romania, Serbia and Bulgaria where the system is mostly operated. Recently it got GLI 12, 13 and 18 certification which creates new sales opportunities. “At ICE London our guests tested the new Bonusing and Player Tracking modules that contribute to more effective casino business processes and soon will also be approved by GLI,” explained Petar Spasov, head of the CMS division at EGT.  “Spider CMS is constantly enhanced with new functionalities. Apart from what we show in London, we are currently working on the Shop/Bar and the Raffle modules. They will facilitate the process of ordering drinks from the bar or buying different goods from an assortment with player’s collected bonus points and will also allow the operator to organize various raffles, based on different criteria and to issue tickets for the guests who meet them.” True to their high-tempo development EGT, EGT Multiplayer and EGT Interactive showcased some of the most tech-forward developments in the ICE London’s product mix. It is a strong start of 2020, creating the prospects for a highly promising year ahead. Click to see our video from ICE London 2020  

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