EGT at Irish Gaming Show 2024: An expectedly good combination

Mar 01, 2024

EGT is thrilled to announce its participation in Irish Gaming Show 2024, which will take place in Dublin on March 05 and 06. As always the company will present a special selection of bestsellers and high-potential novelties.

On display will be the well-known slot cabinets of General Series, which will stand out with their eye-catching outlook with frameless HD displays, following the latest design trends, and the numerous ergonomic features, providing maximum comfort during the play. The VIP models will further enhance players’ experience thanks to the comfortable multimedia chairs, giving full control over the main game functions. The cabinets will reveal the rich variety of the General multigames, among which will be the latest mixes Bonus Prize General, Winner Selection 3 and 4, containing some of the most popular titles of EGT. Visitors will also be able to try their luck and get additional winnings with the jackpot bestsellers Bell Link, Gods & Kings Link, Premium Link and Coin Jackpot.

The casino management system Spider will show what invaluable assistance it can provide in managing the daily activities in a gaming facility.

EGT Digital will also present its portfolio of iGaming solutions, currently including instant games and more than 100 slot titles, jackpot solutions, as well as its in-house developed “all-in-one” betting platform X-Nave, giving the technology and tools operators need to build a successful and competitive iGaming business.

Stefan Dimov, Director of EGT Ireland, Northern Ireland and Portugal, commented: “Irish Gaming Show is a very important event for us and I am glad that this year it will once again give us the chance to meet with our current customers, as well as to start new partnerships. We will be expecting our guests at stand 1-4."

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EGTs products a complete standout at the Caribbean Gaming Show

Mar 22, 2011

3-4 March 2011 marked EGT's debut appearance at the Caribbean Gaming Show in the Dominican Republic, where our products attracted significant interest.

The exhibition itself might have not been from the most crowded ones; however it proved to be very successful for EGT. Company management and sales representatives had the opportunity to meet personally with most of its potential customers in the Dominican Republic. All visitors on our booth, both casino operators and players were extremely thrilled with our product line.

In Santo Domingo, EGT presented its full ranges of multi-game software. The Vega Vision® Multi Series were presented in the sophisticated Vega Vision® Upright cabinet, featuring an elegant design, two 19" monitors and connected to EGT`s advanced Classic Blend® Jackpot. The system allows connection of up to 128 EGT`s machines, maintains up to 3 Mystery Jackpots, common for all denominations and machines and keeps up to 24 independent, Symbol Driven Progressive Jackpots, with 4 denominations each.

EGT's widescreen Vega Vision+® Series also attracted significant attention. Comprising the cabinets Vega Vision+® Upright with two 22" widescreen monitors and the Vega Vision+ Slant Top, with a 22" main widescreen and a 26" help widescreen; along with a wide variety of attractive games and multi-game compilations is a guarantee for maximum player excitement, top quality standards and superior gaming mix designed to enhance both operators and players satisfaction.

"EGT is currently into the procedure of obtaining its manufacturer license for the Dominican Republic gaming market, announced Mr. Vladimir Dokov, Managing Director for EGT. We believe our product can help local operators introduce a new brand with extreme potential for entertaining their customers. Our products were a complete standout at the show and we are also pleased to announce we have initiated negotiations with Caribbean Gaming Distributors for a more in depth presence penetration on the Caribbean gaming market."

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Central Casino Hungary acquires EGT’s Vega-R8 electronic roulette

Mar 09, 2011

EGT's trade mark electronic roulette Vega-R8  is now a permanent asset to one of the best gaming hall located in the town of Szombathely, Hungary and operated by Central Casino Hungary Ltd.  Completing its successful trial period, the EGT Roulette was able to demonstrate its flexibility; effortless manageability combined with latest cutting edge technology and proved itself favorite amongst both the players and the casino management. Vega-R8  has 8 comfortable player stations, each equipped with the conveniently sized 22" wide touch-screen monitors. This casino attraction guarantees that the player will enjoy placing bets and partake in the roulette game to the maximum. The user-friendly interface ensures dynamic and entertaining game. Due to the smooth operation of the Vega-R8 Roulette, the operators have been truly satisfied with EGT's products.

"As a result of this success, more orders have now been generated by the EGT Hungarian office", confirmed Mr. Boyko Boev, Director EGT Hungary. "We are now able to offer to our clients a wider range of gaming products and country specific solutions designed for the local market and beyond. The extended interest we have just created, is only serving us in advantage in the near future."

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Excellence in customer service, new series games on new platform and impressive multi-level progressive jackpot system - EGTs ICE highlights

Jan 26, 2011

Еuro Games Technology is proud to report an unbelievable respond for its products exhibited at the international ICE gaming show, held in London recently. EGT chose this premier exhibition and one of the world`s leading gaming events to launch its hot new Cat 4 Cash® Multi-Level Progressive Jackpot system, the sophisticated 3D animated P-Series games, the more powerful and advanced platform Exciter II®, the latest video slots and multi-game mixes from the Vega Vision® Product line, as well as its break-through innovation for combining land and remote gambling through Apple's iPad interface.

Unveiling it for the 1st time, EGT's Win Again mobile and online solution intends to offer the players even greater game choice allowing them through iPad or internet website to access live Roulette tables whenever they are in the casino or beyond its borders. Players can participate in the game at every point, without the need to physically sit at a live spot and everywhere, essentially allowing them to take the gaming place or the casino at all with them. This innovative solution offers vast advantages for both the players and the casino operators. EGT's system feeds real-time video of live or automated Roulette tables to a betting iPad interface or to the web-based alternative, which gives the players the opportunity to place bets on whichever table they wish from anywhere within or eventually outside the casino. This break though innovation is being developed by EGT engineers and would follow up on a few project stages depending on the market specific need.

Another standout on EGT's booth was the Cat 4 Cash® Multi-Level Progressive Jackpot System. Offering four levels of progressive jackpot, the system is featured in a unique cabinet design, where the video slots are presented on a 22'' LCD-TFT widescreen monitor and a top 32'' portrait-oriented LCD-TFT monitor showing the values of the jackpots. This new casino attraction is a guarantee for maximum player entertainment and an attractive, flexible and fun addition to every casino floor. Cat 4 Cash® Multi-level progressive system offers not one but several 5-reel, 20-line games combined in a multi-game. The hit frequency for Cat 4 Cash® bonus  is almost independent of the actual bet; however, the higher the bet in the base game the higher the chances to win any of the jackpots.

EGT's hot new P-Series games were also providing an extraordinary level of attraction. Designed to maximize on players entertainment, Fortune Spells® and Coral Island® video slots captured visitors with their 3D animations, higher quality graphics resolution and outstanding quality of sound. The key advantage to the new series of games lays in EGT's latest powerful driver - the new Exciter II® platform. It features the latest generation Core 2 processor and dramatically more powerful graphics card, which enables the exclusive display of high resolution graphics, thrilling animations and up to a four-monitor play experience. This revolutionary new platform is created in accordance with the latest gaming industry trends and is build by using the most up to date electronic components which guarantees for high system stability, maximum protection and long term production.

The 2011 edition of the ICE exhibition in London was for EGT very much out of the ordinary; an exceptional attendance due to the progress in development of EGT's products resulted in very positive feedbacks from our valued present and new customers. In general, EGT has felt the revival of the gaming industry.  A global expansion of EGT into new markets, backed by the statistics of our products installed at major casino operators is a definite accomplishment of hard work and a reputation EGT is proud of.

"London was different for EGT this year. We were able to initiate vast grounds for expansion on all its global markets. In Europe, recent approvals in France, Monaco, Switzerland and Greece, combined with recognition from our existing customers on stability and performance of our products have brought EGT another step forward. We raised more curiosity than previous years. There seems to be a kind of saturation with the operators and the fresh wind seems to come from EGT. The market is there but operators are prudent because budgets are restricted. EGT gives proof on a daily basis of its reliability by the products it manufactures and its team of professionals that make it work", commented Mr. Daniel van Marissing, EGT Sales Director Europe. 

Mr. Boyko Boev, Director EGT Hungary confirmed the successful exhibition for the Hungarian office. "We managed to introduce to our clients all new products and country specific solutions designed for the Hungarian market and beyond. We created even extended interest with the release of our new generation platform - Exciter II®. The high quality impression of the graphics and trilling animations were more that they could expect."

"Our office is also announcing one of its most successful exhibitions here in London, reviewed Radostina Valcheva, Director EGT Georgia. Clients have come back to us and expressed their strong will to have EGT products in their casinos."

"EGT's development focus into African markets continues. Following receipt of our GLI certification for the Republic of South Africa, and successful installation of EGT machines within few of Tsogo Sun's premium casino locations, we look further to expand during the coming year. According to the customers who visited our booth from all over Africa, they were extremely happy from what they saw. The EGT brand might be new for them, but they are prone to give it a try. As a matter of fact they were very much impressed with the design of our widescreen Vega Vision+® Series Upright and Slant top cabinets", commented Victor Andreev, EGT Regional Sales Manager Africa.

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