G2E Vegas 2019 – a step forward for EGT and Reel Games in the U.S.

Sept 24, 2019

The relationship between Euro Games Technology and Reel Games Inc. continues to expand and flourish in North America. New installations in Florida, Oklahoma, California and Puerto Rico increased EGT’s footprint in the U.S. and gave both companies the unique perspective of a calculated growth in the local market.

G2E Vegas 2019 will no doubt be the best show to date for EGT and Reel Games. A line up of customers from across the country already committed to visit booth 2452 to view the newly developed cabinets, jackpot systems, terminals, and games, specifically designed for the North American market.

First appearance in the U.S. will make the all-new General slot series of EGT – the G 55 C VIP, G 32-32 VIP, G 27-32 Up or St and G 27-27 Up or St models. Their HD displays’ detail-rich picture upholds clear visuals and the game graphics of the especially created Red and Fruits General HD mutligames, Gold Collection HD and Power HD mixes are vivid and exceptionally attractive. The cabinets’ trendy look, ergonomic design, large and convenient keyboard with touch screen, high ranking Exciter III platform and easy serviceability are also part of their innovative DNA. The VIP models achieve utmost comfort with the included high-tech multimedia chair with stereo speakers and incorporated gaming and sound volume controls in the armrests.

EGT released a series of jackpot systems that provided to RGI. One of them is the Dragon’s Turn of 4 progressive levels, followed by the Amazon’s Battle Grand – a single-game product, and the Egypt themed progressives Ancient Spin and Sands Princess of 4 and 5 levels. The Jackpot Cards, a mystery progressive link, will show its current values on entirely new LED dual-sided sign, featuring modern design and high-end technologies.

Reel Games has already begun installations of Dragon’s Turn in Florida and Oklahoma casinos in September. In these states, as well as in California and some cruise lines, were also delivered the EGT Multiplayer’s latest line of products – the T-Line touch table roulettes, the Premier R4, R6 and R8 automated roulettes and some S-Line terminals, that have recently been approved for North America. All of the models can interface with each other and support any configuration or expansion a casino may endure.

This year during the show in Vegas EGT Multiplayer will turn heads mainly with its terminals S32, S32/32/32 and especially S32/55 – a highlight, shown for a first time in the U.S. Featuring expressive and slim body design, HD displays, wide collection of slot and multiplayer games, ability to connect to several roulette wheels and jackpots, they all guarantee most exciting gaming experience.

A strong presentation will also make the famous and very successful EGT Interactive – a daughter company of EGT, with global footprint in the industry. Its online-based portfolio and internet platform have been gaining speed in many countries for several years, being greatly preferred from both operators and players for the high hit and retention rate of the games and their simple and user-friendly interface.

The Spider CMS team will welcome the visitors with the newly developed Player Tracking Module – a long anticipated addition from many customers. The software widens continuously its capacity to serve best the casino managers for which also helps its customizable reports and functions.  

The future is bright for the expansion of the EGT product line in North America. The R&D department of the company continually focuses on developing games and systems specifically for the U.S. players. All of them are readily available for Reel Games to immediately market in the country under the strategy to be installed in most major jurisdictions by the end of 2020.

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