EGT runs SAP

Apr 04, 2012

Euro Games Technology (EGT) has always prided itself on a reputation of being amongst the fastest growing companies in the global gaming industry. The company's activities relate to the development, production and distribution of a diverse range of gaming products. EGT is constantly striving to optimize its technological environment in order to provide quality service to its clients, the latter being the company’s top priority.

In the beginning of 2012 EGT in cooperation with Sqilline successfully completed the implementation of SAP ERP – an integrated system for business management. The flexibility, accuracy and high competence of both EGT and Sqilline teams of young professionals contributed greatly to the flawless implementation of the system.

EGT has started new strategic investment projects which require the implementation of the integrated system for financial management. The SAP ERP system will improve all processes in the company and will lead to higher efficiency and productivity.

The information system will secure EGT for improved management operation based on the new, more comprehensive data access. In addition, the system will bring to further optimization of the company’s structure as well as effective management and control of processes like logistics, sales, production and stock management. 

During the first stage of the project Sqilline developed a concept which aims at the optimization of the processes in all business units.  This stage has been successfully finished thus putting into action the basic SAP ERP functionalities. Some of the Financial applications implemented include “Accounting”, “Assets Management“ and “Controlling” and some of the Logistic modules are “Sales and Distribution”, “Manufacturing” and “Procurement and Inventory Management”.

An additional functionality of the module “Cash Flow Management” was developed by Sqilline, which is individually adapted to EGT’s requirements. It upgrades the standard SAP functionality by providing a detailed record from the cash flow management of the sale trade unit in the company. 

Euro Games Technology has successfully adapted the company’s processing to the SAP ERP solutions and is already operating with the SAP system.  The implementation of the SAP ERP software made it possible for EGT to optimize its manufacturing processes and to obtain faster and more complete access to the financial records thus achieving an advanced control and management.

EGT proceeds with the corporate system optimization by starting the second phase of the project in the beginning of May.  This phase will include the Implementation of SAP Plant Maintenance and Work Flow functionality which will bring to the automation of the work flow in the company.

 “EGT is operating in an ever changing business environment. It is a major factor for success and development that we remain flexible and achieve constant enhancement of the company’s resources, both human and financial. As a result of the successful completion of the SAP ERP project, the company will optimize its capital expenditure and the efficiency of its assets.” commented Mr. Vladimir Dokov, Managing Director in Euro Games Technology.

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