EGT is awarded for excellence in business development

Apr 08, 2016

Euro Games Technology received the accolade “Most successful business, 2016” in the second edition of VIP Business Awards competition. The ceremony took place at the Hilton hotel, Sofia, on 24 March,2016 and the event’s partners were, among others, the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Association of Business Experts in Bulgaria, the Serbian-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and the Plovdiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The VIP Business Awards are granted to companies and organizations in recognition of their significant contribution to the development of the business in Bulgaria, achieved through innovative products and technologies, compliance with the principles of corporate social responsibility and environmental management and the involvement in different charitable activities.

The VIP Business Awards competition encourages the investment in virtual training firms, where young entrepreneurs would have the opportunity to practice in real conditions and to use the acquired knowledge in their subsequent occupation in business. The initiative is also focused in raising funds for scholarships for indigent and disadvantaged youngsters.

During his speech at the final ceremony Mr. Vladimir Dokov, managing director of EGT, emphasized the young professionals’ role in Euro Games Technology’s successful development. Accepting the award plaquette and the honorary statuette, he stated: “Young people are often criticized for their lack of respect to the elders, for their tendency to doubt the already established practices, for being unwilling to follow an advice, etc. At EGT are working over 1050 employees and their average age is 28 years. It is mainly the young people who we owe the fact that our company is among the fastest developing in the casino industry, having 18 international offices that distribute our highly competitive and innovative products in more than 75 countries around the world. This is why I strongly stand behind the cause to encourage and support the young specialists in Bulgaria.”

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