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Feb 14, 2013

How about a brilliant presentation of a diversity of brand new gaming products, evident growth and progress and enthusiastic customers’ response? Euro Games Technology delivered exactly these messages at the ICE Gaming Show, London.

“The new venue for the ICE Show proved to be better structured and more spacious. The show was an extremely busy one, but that was to be expected – ICE is a tradition and a must in the gaming industry events!” commented Silvia Mincheva, PR&Marketing Manager EGT.

Except for the biggest operators in Europe, EGT stand was visited also by many operators from South America, the Caribbean region, Africa and Asia.
"The biggest operators in Bulgaria like Efbet and Sesame and also the ones from Greece like Regency, Loutraki and Rio were excited by the variety of new products which EGT can supply to their casinos in very short terms" commented Mario Trayanski, Sales Manager Balkans at EGT.

The busy EGT booth showcased gaming products from various categories: Video Slot Machines and Software, Online Gaming, Multiplayer Solutions and Server Based Gaming Systems.

Undoubtedly one of the most attractive products was the STORK Multiplayer Terminal, which displays new, refined and practical design combined with first-class technology and user-friendliness in every respect. The flexible design of the STORK terminals allows the composition of a number of unique combinations which cause an impression of perfection and magnificence. These exclusive products add exciting dimensions to every gaming floor with their multifunctionality combined with high-tech features. Along with these, the STORK features brand new Multigame software which allows simultaneous play of up to three roulettes together with Blackjack or Bingo games. Related to this, EGT showcased a stunning, futuristic looking Bingo Sphere which enchanted the visitors.

Chief among the Video Slot Machines were the Premier Series Cabinets P-24/26 Slant Top and P-24/24 Upright. With their unique, ergonomically shaped design and attractive look they captured the attention, revealing high-quality technology on the inside too. Based on the Exciter II® Platform, the latest Multigame from the Premier Series, Premier Multi 4, offers 38 fascinating games some of which brand new for the wide game library of EGT.  “This is the first time that we offer card games, Keno and virtual roulette games in a Multigame together with the other EGT games. The players’ demands are growing but we are prepared to satisfy and even exceed their expectations!” said Ognyan Todorov, Director R&D Department EGT.

EGT chose the ICE Show to reveal a product which is already present on the gaming market – EGT Online Gaming. “Nowadays we tend to choose the online solution for more and more activities. Online Gaming is the future and EGT has made sure to bring 100% of the entertainment of its most popular games in their online versions!” commented Stanislav Stanev, Head of Sales and Marketing at EGT. "I am very excited by ICE 2013. It has marked a good start of the year and the visitor's feedback is extremely positive. As a result, EGT will continue with new installations of Online game input, first installations of server based games and AWP in the following months. We constantly expand our positions in the most targeted markets in Europe, South and Central America , Asia and Africa. I have all the good reasons to expect that 2013 will be another successful year for EGT!“ Stanislav Stanev added.

“EGT is a relatively young company on the gaming market but it has already established a tradition of high quality products. In the last years we also proved to be growing fast and I think that this year’s ICE show witnessed EGT’s absolute peak! Our progress is visible – we present a busy booth glowing with new products, innovative ideas put into practise and an enthusiastic team – this is what every visitor at ICE is looking for!”, commented Vladimir Dokov, Managing Director EGT.

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