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4 Happy Hits is an innovative jackpot system with a symbol driven progressive and a mystery jackpot of four levels – Grand, Major, Minor and Mini. The symbol driven jackpot can be won when 5 symbols 4-happy-hits-symbol appear on the screen while the player bets at the maximum. Depending on the selected settings, each of the mystery jackpot levels can be randomly hit with any bet, or there can be requirements for minimum bet for some of them.

4 Happy Hits jackpots are available only in games, especially created for the system. This concept is suited for players who would enjoy the thrill of a symbol-driven jackpot, giving to those who prefer smaller bets the opportunity to win some of the jackpot levels.

The symbol driven jackpot can be configured to be standalone progressive (SAP), local area progressive (LAP) or wide area progressive (WAP). The mystery jackpot also can be standalone for each of the gaming machines or to be linked for a group of cabinets. Different combinations are also available:

  • Standalone progressive jackpot (SAP) and standalone mystery jackpots;
  • Standalone progressive jackpot (SAP) and linked mystery jackpots;
  • Linked progressive jackpot (LAP or WAP) and linked mystery jackpots.

Cabinets with 4 Happy Hits games can be customized to fit the client’s needs through a selection of maximum bet, denominations, type of the jackpots (standalone or linked), and an appropriate variant for the mystery jackpot.

The games of 4 Happy Hits are presented in thematically designed cabinets with a 42-inch portrait-oriented curved monitor. The current game and the values of the progressive symbol driven and mystery jackpots are visualized on the display. On the jackpot panel from Rainbow series are projected the 4 Happy Hits attractive and dynamic 3D movies, as well as eye-catching celebration animations.


4 Happy Hits Jackpot is available in cabinets:

4 Happy Hits is available with the panels:
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