ELA Mexico 2012 Review

03 юни, 2012

ELA Mexico 2012 was the scene for another brilliant performance by Euro Games Technology. The company demonstrated high class presence and its booth caught the attention of visitors and customers proving EGT’s stable position on the gaming market.

EGT showcased the Cat 4 Cash ® Multi-Level Progressive Jackpot System- one of its latest products, which has already proven itself as an absolute success for the company. The system features four levels of progressive Jackpot. An eye-catching jackpot panel attracts the players’ attention with a clear presentation of the jackpot levels and an entertaining animation shown on a high quality 40" LCD - TFT display. The stylish cabinets are exclusively designed for the player’s comfort with their 22" and 32" wide-screen LCD-TFT monitors. The players have a good reason to stay on the machine for longer, captured by the attractive multi-games run by the technologically advanced Exciter II ® platform. 

EGT’s booth drew the visitors’ attention with another branded product – the Vega Vision+ ® Cabinets featuring multi-games from the exciting new P-Series driven by the innovative Exciter II® platform. The high-quality graphics combined with widescreen22” and 26”  LCD-TFT monitors makes a perfect combination for an ultimate entertainment and pleasure of the game.

Nadia Popova, Sales Manager EGT, commented the show “ELA 2012 was a great success and a perfect opportunity for us to show commitment to our customers and partners and to acquire new ones. The customers’ reaction to our products was very enthusiastic, especially Cat 4 Cash ® Multi-Level Progressive Jackpot System and our P-Series with up to 20 3D games driven by the new platform Exciter II®. Our games do great in the South American markets which is why we are on the opinion that we should extend our activities to one of the biggest markets there –Mexico. We see 2012 as an opportunity to further grow in the Mexican Market and we will work very hard in this direction. Furthermore, EGT feels committed to the changes in the gaming market in Mexico and the push for adapting new regulations.
At the moment, except supplying with high quality products, our focus is transferring our GLI certificates to NYCE. We believe that it is very important to support the Mexican government`s goals for developing regulations and to work together for encouraging the adoption of standards, which will help Mexico become more mature market.”

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