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P-24/32V Up EGT slot machine heading
General Features
P-24/32V Up EGT slot machine
  • 24” widescreen main monitor with touch screen
  • Attractive, LED-illuminated top box, featuring a 32” portrait-oriented monitor
  • Enhanced quality stereo sound system
  • Overhead topper with a 24” monitor (option)
  • Ambient, attractive LED illumination alongside the cabinet
  • Well-positioned mechanical counters for easy access and good visibility
  • Ergonomic features, ensuring maximum comfort for the players
  • Convenient access through electronic key system
  • Powered by the and platforms
Peripheral Devices
  • Bill acceptor (JCM, CashCode, MEI )
  • Coin acceptor (Money Controls, Coin Mechanisms), optional
  • Hopper (Suzo), optional
  • Ticket printer (TransAct Tech Inc., FutureLogic), optional
Height: 2398 mm
Width: 630 mm
Depth: 610 mm
Required voltage
100-240V AC
Operating temperature
+10° C ÷ +30° C
Operating humidity
20% ÷ 80%
Vibrant Colours

EGT’s cabinets are available in wide variety of colors that correspond to the activated game. Bright and stylish they will add more appeal to your gaming halls.

EGT slot machine P-24/32V Up modular configuration