Spain is an important stage in EGT’s further advancement in Europe

Aug 04, 2015

Yogonet interview of Stanislav Stanev, sales & marketing director at EGT

EGT's P-24/24 cabinet has had remarkable success since it was launched and recently you made your second installation in Spain. Why is Spain a relevant market for EGT?

Spain is an important stage in EGT’s further advancement in Europe, especially if we take into consideration how big the local market is in the casino and AWP segment. For just about a month we succeeded to make two installations in the country and there is every reason to believe that our products will keep having a very good reception in future. In addition one of our most successful progressive jackpot systems - Egypt Quest, and the Premier Multi-4 game mix of 45 various titles are currently undergoing homologation for Spain, so very soon we will be able to widen our product lineup for the local players.

Where else are you planning to expand the product?

Our cabinet P-24/24 Up from Premier series has already been presented to almost all EGT’s markets and has become the most preferred slot model of the company. It was recently nominated among the top 10 land-based casino products in the world from Global Gaming Awards 2015 competition. Certainly, there are still countries where we plan on launching it in near future, like Slovakia and Chile to name a few, but their number is relatively small. So our main goal now is to make our Premier family even stronger and in this regard some new slots are on their way to meet our customers and players, like P-24/24 St Slim, P-27/27 St, and P-27/32H St. I am confident that these upcoming models will continue the success of P-24/24 Up, adding many new installations globally.

Several Belgian casino websites chose to launch EGT Interactive's content. What other business opportunities are you seeing in iGaming?

EGT Interactive is penetrating the Belgium market both with custom-made games that perfectly fit to local players’ specific tastes and with our online versions of company’s traditional land-based titles. A business opportunity for us in the country is to become one of its major industry suppliers. We are also planning to introduce ourselves to more regions in Europe in foreseeable future.

While our expansion in Europe is a primary goal, we are also beginning to distribute EGT’s interactive content in another continent – Africa. So the generic strategy for this business unit’s range of action is to go global, following the steps of our slot products.

Casino operators are betting big on skill-based games and non-gambling attractions. What does EGT do in order to cater to changes in trends, in this constantly-evolving industry?

Skill-based gaming attracts specific kind of users, whose incentives are not only to test their luck, but also to improve their level results. These are mainly the young players that are accustomed to video games. While the skill-based gambling adheres to the tastes of the “digital natives”, it is somewhat hard to be conceived by more adult generations and it is not their preferred choice. I wouldn’t say that the majority of casino operators are betting big on the service. Some of our customers are not willing to invest in skill-based gaming, because of their casino patrons’ tastes and demographic profile. Others are still researching on the opportunity. EGT is more oriented to different kind of entertainment in the casinos, like jackpot systems and slots, or multiplayer solutions of various games, like roulettes, cards, dice, etc. that would amuse all players.

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