SPIDER – The Casino Management System of EGT
Get control over your casino floor
SPIDER – why is it worth your investment?

  • It is fast to install and easy to connect
  • It has a user-friendly interface
  • It requires a simple IT infrastructure
  • It supports multi-denomination and multigame progressive jackpots
  • It provides remote management and control over your casino

SPIDER Jackpot Control Module

  • An ultimate jackpot solution
  • Supports multigame and multi-denomination progressive jackpots
  • Supports standard and time-based mystery jackpots
  • Enables you to set up your jackpot schedule and client participation
  • Includes a Multimedia Control Center with:
    • Full HD graphic and video panels
    • Interactive jackpot triggering frames
    • Advertising videos

SPIDER Player Tracking Module

  • Real-time player info
  • Multi-site accounts
  • Detailed client history
  • Statistics for carded or non-carded play
  • Loyalty and incentive programs for the players, defined by your own criteria

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SPIDER Cage Module

  • Issue and redeem tickets
  • Foreign currency exchange with variable rates, adjusted by the operator
  • Processing handpays, jackpots and all the income and outcome funds in the casino


  • Cashable and promotional tickets
  • Reduced operation costs
  • Detailed ticket states and accounting information
  • Decreases handpays to a minimum

SPIDER Vault Module

  • Real-time cash ballance
  • Multiple Cage sessions
  • Redemption machines support
  • Bill stacker clearence

SPIDER Bonusing Module

  • Powerful bonusing tools
  • Different types of bonus points, cashable or promotional credit rewards
  • New level of interactive instant rewarding
  • Automated marketing promotions

SPIDER Cashless Module

  • Single and multisite support
  • Cashable and promotional credits support
  • Cost-effective compared to TITO
  • PIN protected accounts

SPIDER Tables Management Module

  • Roulette and card tables support
  • Table games players tracking
  • Table games players bonusing
  • Chip balance in real-time