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United Mystery Jackpot System allows gaming machines of different manufacturers to be connected in a local network, thus enabling each of the machines to participate in the distribution of additional Mystery Jackpot wins.

The United Mystery Jackpot server supports up to 3 different Mystery Jackpots –Mini, Middle and Super, which are common for all machines in the network. Each of the Mystery Jackpots can be individually set up. The formation of Mystery Jackpot values is based on the stakes placed on all machines during the game and each Mystery Jackpot can be won randomly by each gaming machine.

The attractive 40" Jackpot display shows the increase of the current values of the Mystery Jackpots as well as information about the Mystery Jackpot won.

  • Allows the connection of up to 128 gaming machines of any brand supporting SAS protocol V6.0 and above and AFT or Legacy bonus
  • The server controls up to 3 Mystery Jackpots.
  • The won Mystery Jackpot will be sent to the gaming machine as SAS AFT bonus or Legacy bonus.
  • The parameters setup is performed by using an independent PC and specialized software.
  • The server stores information about the last 100 wins, the number of times a certain jackpot has been won, the value of all jackpots won and other statistical data.
  • A single or double sided 40" Jackpot Panel enhances the general composition and visibility of the system.
  • SAS Mystery JP Node has to be installed in every gaming machine participating in Mystery Jackpots.
United Mystery is available with the panels:
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