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Premium Link is a jackpot system where EGT games from General, Power, Collection, Premier and older series like Vega Vision+ and Vega Vision can be linked together in order to participate for common mystery and symbol driven progressive jackpots.

The Premium Link is based on Premium Progressive Controller (PPC) and Media Control Center (MCC) which is used for visualization.

Premium Link supports mystery jackpot with up to 3 levels (Mini, Middle and Super) which are common for all games and denominations. Settings for each mystery jackpot level can be customized, including requirement for minimum bet. The mystery jackpot values are accumulated on the grounds of stakes made on all machines participating in the jackpots and can be won randomly by each of them.

Premium Link supports symbol-driven jackpots with maximum of 4 denominations each. Each jackpot have their own independent settings. The accumulation is performed on the grounds of stakes made during the games.

The current values of the mystery and symbol-driven jackpots are visualized on the upper screen of the gaming machines as well as on the jackpot panel. Whenever a jackpot is won, enticing animations show the player what amount he’s been given.

Gaming machines of other manufacturers can also be linked in order to participate for common mystery jackpots. For the purpose each cabinet should have installed a special Jackpot Interface Module (JIM) controller. The won jackpots are transferred to the gaming machines as Legacy bonuses via SAS protocol.


Premium Link Jackpot supports all games from the following series:


Premium Link Jackpot is available in cabinets:

Premium Link is available with the panels:
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