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Technical Maintenance

icon Sofia, Bulgaria

We are looking to hire a Service Technician for our gaming equipment repair and maintenance team. This job requires excellent technical skills, a willingness to constantly learn and develop new skills. Location: Sofia, 2 Parva Balgarska Armia Str., NPZ Voenna Rampa.


  • Performs diagnostics, maintenance, and repairs on many types of company devices while maintaining high company and industry standards.
  • Maintains working knowledge of a diverse number of products and works to enhance and improve that knowledge with new models and new industry standards, practices, and technologies.
  • Keeps work area clean, neat, and to company standards, especially to ensure safety of all team members.


  • University or High School degree of Electronics, Microelectronics, Computer Science or equivalent.
  • Previous experience with electronics repair/diagnosis.
  • Technical knowledge.
  • Build and maintain collaborative relationships to work effectively with others in a team setting through shared responsibility, empathy and respect.
  • Responsibility, professionalism, correctness.
  • English level - Professional working proficiency.

What we offer

  • Attractive and motivating salary
  • 13th Month Salary
  • Family support benefits
  • Additional Health Insurance Luxe package
  • Multisport card Fully Paid
  • Corporate Discounts
  • Prepaid monthly card for the restaurant
  • Company training & Professional development
  • Team buildings & Social Events
  • Free snacks
  • Modern manufacturing facilities
  • Free shuttles to the Metro Station


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