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At EGT we believe that if the work is not fun, you are not playing in the right team! We encourage teamwork, a positive approach and transparency. In connection with the continuous and dynamic development, we at EGT are looking for motivated people to become part of our team. Location: Sofia, street: Panorama Sofia 6, Business center Richhill


  • Creating high-quality videos for the Marketing department’s needs – both product and corporate (for social media, corporate website and events);
  • Working closely with the art director and following the parameters set by them;
  • Generating original concepts for videos;
  • Collaborating with graphic designers and demonstrating the ability to work on a set storyboard;
  • Participating in stages and tasks for implementing ideas, meeting deadlines;
  • Participating in defining the goals and requirements of design projects through meetings and discussions with team members and managers;


  • Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design, Animation, Multimedia Design, or related field;
  • Strong knowledge of Adobe After Effects;
  • Good level of Blender and knowledge of 3Ds Max;
  • Basic level of Adobe Photoshop (or other graphic software) is a plus;
  • Strong understanding of design principles, composition, color theory, fonts and graphic elements, layouts;
  • Attention to detail and a keen eye for aesthetics;
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills;
  • Portfolio, showcasing relevant examples of your design projects, animations, and any other work that demonstrates your skills and creativity;

What we offer

  • Attractive and motivating salary
  • 13th month salary
  • Family support benefits
  • Additional Health Insurance - premium package
  • Multisport card fully Paid
  • Corporate discounts
  • Company training & Professional development
  • Relax zone with games
  • Team buildings & Social events
  • Free snacks, soft drinks, coffee, and fruits
  • State-of-the-art modern office
  • Free shuttles to Business Park


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