United Mystery
EGT Systems Features - VLT
  • Allows the connection of up to 128 gaming machines of any brand supporting SAS protocol V6.0 and above and AFT or Legacy bonus

  • The server controls up to 3 Mystery Jackpots.

  • The won Mystery Jackpot will be sent to the gaming machine as SAS AFT bonus or Legacy bonus.

  • The parameters setup is performed by using an independent PC and specialized software.

  • The server stores information about the last 100 wins, the number of times a certain jackpot has been won, the value of all jackpots won and other statistical data.

  • A single or double sided 40″ Jackpot Panel enhances the general composition and visibility of the system.

  • SAS Mystery JP Node has to be installed in every gaming machine participating in Mystery Jackpots.